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The Airfare Spot in York City has created an amazing circumnavigation of the globe. Sailing around the world with the best cruise companies at crazy, discounted prices has never been easier. Stretch 'em legs (and vocal chords) and get ready to follow the sun around the globe.

Which is an Around the World Ticket?

Around the World Tickets (ATW) are your opportunity to see many goals at once. ATWs allow you to travel the world with several stops on a lone flight and are usually free for one year. Around the World tickets usually include a cross of the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as several stops.

The price of these fares depends on several factors: the seat category (Economy, Business or First Class), the overall distance travelled, the number of Continental destinations travelled and the number of stations. High end fares usually involve luxurious hotel accommodation and other conveniences such as personal guide services. Using a default OTW, you are able to track a specific routing defined by the operator.

You can also use "homemade" DTTs to create your own one-way routes. By choosing the "homemade" itinerary, you can select the country you want to travel to more carefully and continue to include other locations as you travel. If you book an Around the World ticketing through a supplier, you get great versatility at a relatively low cost and can travel in a year to a wide range of locations around the world.

It is important, however, to consider the disadvantages of an ATW pass before buying, namely that you must leave and land in the same departure point and that you can only travel in one way. For those of you who are a regular flier, visit our other pages on how to defeat jet lag, survive long-haul travel, the best bus and coach carriers and more.

The 10 best holiday packages in the world

She is always on the look-out for new travel offers and would like to invite you, dear readers, to ask your own inquires. I' ve chosen to divide this longing with you by having found the best offers and hopefully inspired you to get out and experience the world and the weathers. At FunJet we offer Las Vegas deals where you can hit the jackpot without betting a cent.

In addition, fares begin at $189 for three night stays in Circus Circus, which includes a return flight from Los Angeles. Three nights hotels and airline deals cover venues across the nation, and rates begin at $194 to Detroit. From $349, Pleasant Holidays offers package deals to Hawaii, inclusive of round-trip travel to Oahu from San Francisco or Los Angeles (other departures are available at a higher price), three overnight stays, and all August travel rates and hotelshares.'s Taste of Italy lets you discover Rome, Venice and Florence for a split of the usual price. Beginning in May at $1,149 (summer fares start at $1,399), the bundle will include a return flight from New York City (other destinations are available at a higher price), two night stays in Rome, Venice and Florence, second-class intercity rail travel, continuous breakfasts, travel tax and services fees, and additional petrolfare.

Virgin Vacations offers an Irish fly-and-drive plan that begins at $249 per capita for November and January to March travel. Included in the price are a return flight, seven-day hire cars, applicable tax, limitless kilometres and mandatory petrol supplements. Parcels are slightly higher for summers, but you can still get a good offer for autumn, with rates of $339 in September and $329 in October. has a number of offers to several places in the sun, but the Nassau, Bahamas parcel is one for the budgets checks. Departures start at $299, which covers the return flight from Miami (other destinations are available at a higher price), three nights at a motel, continent breakfasts and two for a select tour.

Booking until 20 May for travel between now and 15 December. Rates begin at $591 and cover the return flight from New York City, four nights' accommodation and all food, drink and activity. Booking until 29 May and travel before 2 October. Until September 26th, you can get two additional overnight stays in a guesthouse and two additional day entry to the amusement parks if you sign up for a holiday pack of three or more overnight stays at Disneyland Resort.

Example rates begin at just $169 per individual per day and includes five overnight stays at a motel, round-trip travel from Denver (other destinations are available at higher cost), and five day entry to the amusement parks. Since Qantas offers return fares from San Francisco to Australia from US$620, it is simple to make savings by reserving a shore pack with the carrier.

The Great Barrier Reef (starting at $599) can be explored in several ways. Offer four overnight stays in a four-star resort in Cairns, international transfer services, a full-time Great Barrier Reef cruising ship and a full-day Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyrail luncheon outing. Package deals start at $839 and include roundtrip New York City (other destinations are available at extra cost), three-night Paris and Nice hotels, one-way flights between towns, complimentary meals, daytime continuous breakfasts, rates and charges, and additional petrol charges.

Of course, the web is a huge place and businesses can lurk in places I haven't inspected yet. Make sure that you also specify your place of birth. Please note that all rates, schedules and reservation information shown here were in effect at the date of release.

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