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Aircraft rental Kissimmee

Nothing in the world is as good as piloting a plane. Expedited Flight Training - Orlando, Florida Speed yachting is the most economical and time-efficient way for you to learn how to fly a pilot's licence or aircraft. With our Expedited Air Force Coaching programmes, you can get out of your everyday life and into an atmosphere where you can be hyperfocused.

This type of course benefits you in reducing costs and, more significantly, in maximizing the preservation of your know-how and capabilities. Expedited private pilot education can be done with an estimated 10 to 20 hour less lessons than conventional flying education and is possible in only 3 week!

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Specialists for Historical Aircraft & Aviation

Texas Airport provides various orienteering programmes from half hours to one hours. Check out the P-51 Store for a full line of merchandising items including clothing, DVD's, and more. Specialized in the purchase, sale and maintenance of classic combat aircraft. The AVDOC 51 is a pilot-oriented health facility that concentrates on the well-being and support of pilots and crew.


"MEMPHIS BELLE" WILL BE RETURNING TO KISSIMMEE THIS AUTUMN! It' s all about experiencing things and only a few are as unforgettable as paragliding with a warbird. Offer the ultimative present, the present of the plane to a beloved person. Take to the skies like the old ace in some of the most important historical airplanes and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! What a challenge!

No matter if you want an exciting aerobatics expedition or a trouble-free straigh ride, the event will never be overlooked. You' ll be in the front seats steering your Discovery and one of our very skilled guides will instruct you on everything you want to know about learning to fly with these lovely items of music.

It' a 100% practical experiment....

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