Airplane Rental Florida

Aircraft rental Florida

Not only do we offer flight training programs, but we also offer aircraft for rent. If you have a current license, you can rent a plane for fun, pleasure and business. SOUTH FLORIDA - WE OFFER THE LOWEST PRICES IN SOUTH FLORIDA!

Aircraft for hire in Florida

In addition to our Academy courses, we also make our aircrafts available to our alumni and experienced flightmasters. Tenant Requirements: Tenant coverage of at least $50,000 (one-time loss) for the airplane and at least $200,000 for the chopper (AOPA or Avemco third-party insurance).

Terms of lease: All our aircrafts comply with the standards for air traffic outside the USA (Bahamas, Jamaica, Caribbean). We now have 5 planes for hire and 1 chopper available:

Target, FL

From general rental methods and polices to insurances and pilots' needs, we handle all your enquiries. Contact us today to make your reservation and fulfil your wish to take to the skies. During the last three years our maintenace department has kept our training plane flying stable. When your airplane needs to be inspected, maintained or repaired, our facilities are your best bet.

Ranging from a discovery trip, where you can take over the control of a Cessna 150 or Cessna 172, to private pilot education. There is a flying academy that provides flying instruction from simple private pilots to sophisticated instrument rating and low-cost flying instruction on the Emerald Coast.

The plant is designed for servicing and repairing large and small aircraft, engines as well as modification and installations.

Flying Holidays USA - Adventure for the private pilot.

You' re a personal jet driver, this is your heaven. The Keys and Florida have the best flight locations in the whole wide range of the globe, but you don't have to stop your holiday there. Florida Keys, the Bahamas and the USA in a broader sense are just around the corner to be discovered - we are here to help you.

When you want to refresh your skill set, improve your lessons or get advice on how to get to any location, we can offer you first-rate flight training with FAA and EASA instructor training. With from a weekly to a monthly schedule, world-class tuition, a staying basis and a tracking card, Pilot's Paradise has everything you need to best serve the world's best air borne destinations.

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