Charter King Air

King Air charter

The King Air Charter is a charter airline based in Lanseria, South Africa. Beechcraft King Air Flight Line Beechcraft King Air is the most loved and varied turboprop airplane in the entirety. Since 1963, the cell has been in operation and more than 7,000 airplanes have been made. In the early 90's Beechcraft was planning to substitute the King Air with the new Beech Star Ship, but the King Air stayed so loved that Beechcraft concentrated on the modernization of the King Airplane.

Beechcraft King Air has experienced several different models throughout its life, fulfilling almost every conceivable function for an airplane, and is loved by flyers and travelers because of its stability and soft and comfortable flight. This is why the King Air has become one of the most diverse local aeroplanes in manufacturing, the Beech 1900.

The planes, which carry between 5 and 9 persons, are characterized by modernity, comfort, speed and calm.

Beechcraft King Air's cruising distance allows up to 8 travellers to travel from the UK to Istanbul or Marrakech or from Paris to Helsinki without refueling. For Beechcraft King Air charter services please call (866) 726-1222.

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