Private Flight Membership

Membership for private flights

Charter cards and member clubs. Three other leading providers are Delta Private Jets, Velocity JetCard and Magellan Jets. Airline offers a membership program. The Delta starts memberships for the private flight program. The Wheels Up is a revolutionary member-based private airline that offers a whole new level of access, flexibility and service to private air travel.

Membership of Aero Club

Exclusive Aero Club is the result of more than a dozen years of development of the best private airline to date. Our company has and will continue to be exclusively true to the name. If you join the Aero Club, we don't twitter about it, we accept it. You too can take advantage of the private aircraft charters in a completely different way.

Wellcome aboard the Exclusive Aero Club. The Exclusive Aero Club can only be accessed upon request or through an Aero Club member's recommendation. Unlike other private jets, we monitor our members. Members truly become part of an exclusive club that enjoys advantages that go far beyond private air travel.

On our charters you will find incomparable luxuries. Aero Club is an exclusively owned Aero Club that gives you private plane owners special benefits without having to buy an hour pass, buy fragments or buy anything. Aero Club Membership Guarantee Exclusive: Paid per flight or pre-purchase. Paid firm hire charges only for busy working time. Immediate Avanti II entry and our select 27-plus air vehicle family.

Exclusive Fleet Card purchasing lessons or advance credits and guaranteed extra coverage, fewer peaks and extra services.

Jet Card Private Membership Programs

As a smart alternate to EVERY private jets membership programme, our pioneering membership programmes provide luxurious private jets on your own conditions. If you are a highly esteemed member, you have a global fleet of the best private planes at your disposal. So if your private charters involve expenses of $100,000 or more per year then this may be a good moment to explore how you might be able to cut your travelling expenses by saving tens of millions.

At all times, our members get the best rates in the business for airplanes of any sizes available on the market. Using ARG/US and ARG/US certified carriers, swimming fleet and empty leg, we help our members use their charters to make their journeys one by one. Our members enjoy the advantages of membership and have full privileged information on the following:

Standard airplanes where you, the member, choose the maximal ages of each airplane. Turbo-props, XLJs, Light Jet, Midsize Jet, Super Midsize Jet, Large Jet and Ultra Long Range planes, as well as Airport BBJ and more. World' bottom price in the world. Will you be available in the next one or two weeks to talk about your private air travel needs?

Get all the benefits of the Platinum Services' Platinum Cards and more with the Paramount Blue Cards, the definitive private jets program. Being a member of the Compact Blacks you are paying the minimum firm administration charge in the privatejet industry. At competitive fares, you can choose from the world's premier Boeing and Airbus corporate aircraft in executive, VIP and airline configuration, with additional rebates for more than $1,000,000,000 in airfare.

Get up to $500 in complimentary cash for booking large jets and wide-body aircraft for food, groundhandling or in-flight use. Begin to enjoy the unique advantages of your membership with our unique $100,000 Low Money Cards. The Platinum Stars Jet Cards are the privileged programme of choices for the demanding private pilot with first-class servicing and unrivalled prizes.

You have your own personal, committed flight team at your disposal around the clock to make sure that every detail of your flight is perfectly designed, from airplane models to on-board features. Just make your booking against your bank statement and be in the sky in less than threehrs.

Get instant connectivity to our vast ecosystem of premier airline carriers from anywhere in the globe. Our dedicated air travel experts will help you select the right plane for you, from your turboprop to your wide-body jet. Our members are charged supplier rates with the minimum flat travel administration charges - no surcharges and no concealed surcharges.

Enjoy the unique advantages of your Platinum Jet Card membership for an affordable industry-wide $50,000 minimal fund only. Experienced personnel go beyond industry-leading security guidelines to provide a secure and convenient flight environment. Straight supplier pricing only with a basic administration fee. It is our aim to get you the best airplane at the best possible cost, therefore we give all our rebates and cost reductions directly to you and we never increase our cost.

You can open your Platinum Services or your Platinum Card balance and make a withdrawal. Once you are flying, contact your personal flight advisor to prepare a tailor-made flight schedule. As a Jet Card client, you can use the pre-authorized reservation form via e-mail. Immediately make your flight payment with the pre-approved balance on your bankroll.

Recharge your bank on demand without a required margin. Have a good flight! What advance notification must you give before you receive an airplane? Do you have a specific aeroplane type and are there fines for leaving the class? You can use your PBJ Jet Card for airplanes of any sizes anywhere in the United States.

The PBJ is proud of the safety-certified crews on 100% of the chartered aircraft. What do you need to buy to upgrade your map? The PBJ allows members to pay any amount to pay for upcoming departures. At PBJ Private Jet Expert, we are lifelong aerospace professionals working one-to-one with our customers to provide the best possible level of client support.

Personally, I enjoy the openness they offer - inclusive of ages of aircraft, operator and pricing. I' d strongly suggest Paramount! We' re going to load the bank accounts in expectation of the next generation's journey. Things went well, the drivers were great, the personnel were kind and when the time came to go aboard, one of the drivers accompanied me under a big dark parasol over the asphalt.

The best, the best private flight I ever had.

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