Abba Taxi Warrington

abba Taxi Warrington

Taxis Abba - Taxis - 01925 44444444 - Warrington Rank for a taxi, kind after sales staff, came punctually within a minutes even an SMS to say that they have arrived,,meticulous professionalism and courtesy, reasonable rates, reasonable price, would 100% advise everyone. Don't use this company - we have arranged a pick-up for 6 persons and the taxi didn't show up.

I ordered a cab to work - 37 on time! Not even the words I have to tell this business, the absence of professionality is gross and the way the executive talked to me was gross - he has to think about whether he would like someone to talk to his friends the way he talked to me.

Can' really tell you how horrible the executive really is. Use Direct Taxi's or any other Warrington taxi service. Meaningless society, taxi drivers are delayed or do not even show up, even if they are booked hour in the forefront. I' ve been informed that if you have to make a trip to the train depot or airports that you have to call directly, I have almost forgotten important trips because this worthless business lacks professionality.

Notice that it can take up to 15 min. for your rating to be complete.

abba Cars Warrington Ratings

Too bad that I can not give a 0-star assessment, taxi posted as a way back for 12 pm, the outbound trip at 18:30 pm. But a dirty taxi and chauffeur who didn't know where to go or what to take finally got to where the 12 pounds were within the Warrington borders, if it was only 26 pounds to the Manchester International Airports, is ridiculous.

You have all the technologies needed with applications and number rightognition, but for the fifth consecutive year we are between 30 and 45 minutes too late fort an off-peak pickup given 6 antecedents. Terrible "priority" wait list posted in the app yesterday - now over an hours too late without explanations, apologies or any ideas as to whether they will show up or not.

They' ve been said twice they're on their way - nothing but lying. A nurse who takes a customer to a clinic last night leaves her company telephone in one of the taxis. One of our carers used an application from her boyfriend named "Find my phone" and the telephone was found on the driver's premises.

I' m still awaiting a taxi that is over half an hours behind and I risk to miss the plane to get to Spain. That impolite lady at the front desk put the telephone on me and said it wasn't her fault. Mm. Now Abba drag Harry's hoses down since they passed to their abysmal low levels.

I' m still awaiting my taxi to the international train station, which is almost half an hours overdue. Ever since Abba Harry's takeover, they have been working according to Abba's bad and worsening standard. Then the very impolite woman who occupied the telephone hung it up on me and said it was not her own doing.

He is not even good for a single asterisk, doesn't even know how to go on, always too late and sometimes he doesn't show up at all. I have to ring 10 rings to see where the cab is, it's a laugh. So I called 3 seperate calls and was said to "close the f*** and stop ringing" even though my taxi was 25 min too late missing my platoon, no excuse, no cash back, they just don't take car of their clients.

And the only way why they get them is because there are so many of them about their similar flies around s*** in Warrington who can't get away from them. When I arrived from a bus journey, I reserved a taxi to collect me at the railway depot at noon. Having waited 10 mins, I phoned to see what was going on, and all they said was that they would be sending a taxi as soon as they had an available vehicle, so when I asked what was the point at which they prebooked it, they put it on me.

Waiting another 10 min, I phoned again and got exactly the same answer. Well, I was waiting another five moments and finally made up my mind to go home. I' m a lady and had to run over a kilometer on poorly lit roads to get home at around 12:00 p.m. thanks to the terrible services of this taxi company.

TAXI COMPANY DOES NOT EARN ANY LICENSE TO RUN, WBC SHOULD NOT EXTEND IT. Disgusting customer service, extremely rude staff & managers, unreliable & ridiculous! Half an hours or more too early, even if you book a date in advanced. That' if they show up at the past they sent me an SMS one hours after the reservation to say that unfortunately it is not possible.

Bad workmanship, wouldn't even give a badge. Extreme bad Kundenservice. Bad workmanship. The taxi was reserved for 23:30, finally one came at 1:00, 90 min later. Several times he telephoned to be informed on his way, then he was not available. Is there a so-called taxi marshal? I ordered a taxi at 5 p.m. for 8 p.m.

Saturday we got a regular taxi (for 6 of us), followed by another taxi. After all, he has an automatic system that tells me that my vehicle is due), who was very impolite and that I was not guaranteed a six-seater.

And I told him I hadn't bought two of them! Both taxis we took because we didn't want to be too late and the taxi driver were great and very sympathetic. Whenever the taxi arrives 5-20 minutes too late and even with telephone conversations to track the response, it's always the same "Just phoned, it's on the way - 10-15 minutes waiting", even after advance notice even a few minutes before.

In the last 2-3 week every ordered taxi was too late, today it was simply not acceptable, the taxi was 20 min too late even after advance notice and several telephone conversations and I made my move only by 2min. Friday, July 5, we reserved a 7-seater for a ride back, which takes us from Padgate to the ferry tavette in Penketh on Saturday and picks us up at 12:30 pm.

ABBA phoned at 12:30 to say that they didn't have a 7-seater, but would bring someone (maybe 2 taxis) to us. We had our trip back scheduled for 12pm, but the meeting we completed early was at 11am, so we phoned ABBA and asked if there was any way we could get an early taxi.

Around 12:00 o'clock we phoned again and we were informed that the taxi would be with us in 15 min. Yeah, you guess... no taxi!!!! After using Abba Cabs for the last 14 years, I have never been so repulsed by the way I was talked about in my time. After booking a taxi that ended up only 30 min too late, delaying me to an important incident (after booking in advance), the most rude telephone operator said that if I didn't just sit back and waiting for my taxi, it would be canceled.

So if Abba Cars Warrington is your company, why don't you lay claims to it today?

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