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Timeshare private jet

Discover our options for the Jet Stock Program to learn how it works. A new alternative to private jet ownership | Gulfstream Charters Possessing an aeroplane is a marvelous privilege. Journey to meet your clients at the best possible time and to the nearest airport. It is a fact that for a variety of different purposes private jet passengers are travelling, not least because of the increased concern about safety in passenger planes after 11 September. In addition, there are the permanent service, crewing, fuel as well as repairs expenses, and aviation in a private jet really becomes a strictly strategical affair.

The emergence of fracture programmes is a new possibility for this predicament. Similar to a time-share condo, a split of a private jet allows the stockholder to use an airplane for a pre-determined number of lessons per year. The " owners ", however, still have to make significant investments - typically around $4.9 million for a 1/8 stake in a Gulfstream V. And although this is well below the costs of buying an airplane, it is full of procedures that for many travellers represent a less than satisfying event.

Because a fractionated programme can hire tens of millions of pilots spread across the world, the odds of having the same crews on every plane (as you would if you own the plane) are small. Indeed, the likelihood that you will even be traveling on the same plane is low, as the break programmes move airplanes around the land like a chessboard - always trying to master the challenge of having several " possessors " in different places.

Considerable economic risks, potential individual responsibility for the plane itself, and the discomfort of the disruption schedules made some folks think that there must still be a better way to reap the benefits of private jet owning without the hassle. Priority Program enables individuals to take advantage of private jet possession with a unique, accessible one-month fee.

In contrast to the fractionated programmes, which need in advance billions of dollars of cash to start, the priority programme does not demand a down pay. Instead, the members of the programme have the comfort of a rental-like agreement, from which they can easily refrain at the end of the duration. Neither does the priority programme include any expensive re-marketing charges or cancellation charges that are often associated with concluding a timeshare agreement.

It is also important that the members of the priority programme should be able to benefit from the rigidity and convenience of meeting the pilot in person during their flights. Each member is allocated a small team of skippers, co-captains and stewards who offer an incomparable flying outing. Priority member's crews quickly learn how to make every trip perfect...whether that means putting a cover on the ground and cooking biscuits with the kids on board, or whether you have a fine bottle of fine wines on board, freshly made and served for your delicious dinner.

In addition, the knowledge of a pilot's backgrounds, services, and security histories provides great security for travellers in these difficult years.

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