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Welcome to ICSA:::. One of the leading companies in the introduction of technology to guarantee client contentment is ICSA (India) Ltd. with a range of end-to-end end-to-end end-to-end end-to-end systems and infrastructures tailored to the unique needs of companies across a range of sectors and utility companies, including electricity, oil, gas and water. We are a dedicated and skilled professional with many years of industry expertise in the field of automated manufacturing and the ability to deliver tailor-made products from the initial concept to the end product.

In addition to industrial electrification projects, ICSA (India) Ltd. is one of India's premier companies providing turn-key power generation, transmission and power supply infrastructural projects and EPC-based transmission projects in India and abroad, as well as HVDC, rural electrification and industrial electrification in all parts of India.

The DF8000 SCADA/DMS/EMS system is a complete suite of embedded solutions for the design, engineering, analysis, simulations and operations of electricity production, transfer and dispatch.

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Commit to good business management and developing the value, capabilities and efficacy of business secretaires and leaders in all areas. This is a very influential post which requires a wide range of expertise in company legislation, financial matters, good practices, policy and company secretariat. The ICSA awards Charters to those who are appropriately trained and experience.

In order to obtain charter you must have passed the ICSA Chartered Secretaryaries Qualifying Scheme (CSQS) or one of our Accredited Masters Programmes and have more than five years of applicable business practice. Charters for occupational qualifications are a widely recognized sign of authenticity and competency that is preserved through ICSA affiliation. The ICSA also provides a proscription service to non-chartered executives who are in management positions so that they can leverage ICSA's knowledge, capabilities and network capabilities.

In 1855, the GmbH was introduced and in 1862, the first law on stock corporations was passed, which resulted in a quick rise in the number of start-ups. Until 1892, there were 15,477 enterprises in the accounts of the Registrar of Public Stock Corporations and the occupation of company secretary was created to regulate their management.

In 1891 Thomas Brown established the Institute of Secretaries to defend her interests, and the King's Statute was issued in 1902. In 1914 the Institute of Secretary was established at the London Wall and relocated to a Livery Hall which was bought by the Worshipful Company of Curriers in 1928. 1964 the Institute of Secretaries relocated to Regent's Park and in 1970 the Institute of Secretaries and Administrators joined the Corporation of Secretaries to form the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators 1971.

ICSA took over the Institute of Local Government Administrators in 1981. ICSA relocated to its present home in Farringdon in 2014. In order to take account of the fact that our expert assistance has been extended to all persons with management responsibilities, we are now known as ICSA: It'?s the Institute of Corporate Governance. What?

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