Celebrities with Private Jets

Prominent people with private jets

Celebrities with their own private plane are very popular. The private jet marks another level of success, style and travel. The growing number of millionaires or billionaires is directed towards private islands and yachts on private jets.

The top 10 luxury private jets held by celebrities

After you own a private yacht or a private isle, what would you do? Celebrities seem to be pursuing the same objective - to own a private plane. The 10 most exclusive private jets are here in the possession of celebrities! Bombardier's Challenger 850 Learjet is the name of the private deluxe aircraft that Jay Z and his Mrs. Beyonce own.

This private aircraft is completely equipped with a completely furnished lounge in full grain hide. Aeroplanes can take several persons and their families are often on boards to go on holiday with their little girl Blue Ivy. Must' have liked that part so much, he got himself a private one.

For whatever reasons, Tom purchased the Gulfstream IV, one of the most beautiful private jets in the state. Being the second wealthiest man in the whole wide range and a top-class personality, it is no wonder that Mr. Gates has to spend a great deal of time travelling. Bill Gates has one of the best private jets in the whole wide range, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express.

Known as the Global 5000, this gorgeous airplane features the best in aerospace engineering and luxurious opulence. Over the years, the Canada vocalist has been regarded as one of the wealthiest female vocalists in the whole wide variety of music. That' a plain good enough explanation why she should have a private plane. She' s got a Bombardier BD-700 Express.

Though not the biggest or most costly plane in the wide open air, its deluxe CJ3 is the perfect plane for a professional pilots looking for an effective private plane with enough versatility to be deployed at will. The Gulfstream V is one of the world's most powerful and safest private jets, with a very skilled team of two and state-of-the-art electronics.

Winfrey Oprah selected the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS as its preferred plane and fired out around $45 million. Though not the biggest private plane of a celebrity, the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express can take up to 19 people, flying practically anywhere in the globe.

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