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The Commission recommends to the National Advisory Committee on Accounting Standards (NACAS) the accounting standards to be followed by companies in India. Design and development by IBCS-PRIMAX Software(BD)Ltd. >> ; Links >

> ; The Institute of Chartered Accountants en Irlande. ICAI audit, also known as CA audit, is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to produce auditors in India. *drums roll!* * *screaming like a rock star* (assuming answer yes like the audience.) You got it in you!!!!!

Nepal Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN)

ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal) was created by a specific law, the Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 1997..... Encourage and promote your own mental and emotional development and help you research and learn about the different facets of work. The ICAN has undertaken to govern the Nepal bookkeeping industry.

The ICAN has great value as a member of ICAN and is an integrated part of the institute.

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Obtain all the ressources and application form you need to begin your trip to the CPA. ICAZ membership has many advantages. Here you will find information on semesters and curricula as well as all other information on enrolment and qualification of students. We are an independant non-profit organization founded to take the lead in the advancement, encouragement and advancement of our professional world.

Read ICAZ press releases, get the latest journals and see the latest ICAZ Jahresberichte. Look what's going on in the chartered accountancy business.

2018 Examination 2018 Examination

The CPT authorization: Applicants who have successfully completed the Class 12 exam from a recognised school/institute may apply for the Common Proficiency Test. Applicants who have applied for the Common Proficiency Test 60 working days before the first date of the monthly CPT test to be taken, i.e. on or before April 1 and October 1, may participate in the CPT test to be taken in June and December respectively.

Applicants who have a degree or postgraduate degree in commerce with a min. of 55% of the overall mark or equal in the exam taken by an accredited university (including the Open University) with specific subject areas or graduates or postgraduates in another programme who have earned a min. of 60% of the overall mark or equal in the exam taken by an accredited university (including the Open University) are exempt from CPT.

Suitability for the IPC: The admission requirements for the interim test are subdivided into three categories: Class I: Applicants who have successfully competed in CPT and 10+2/PE I/ Foundation/entrance exam. a) Graduates/post-graduates: Those who have been transformed from Intermediate/PE II/PCC/IPCC/CPT to the Intermediate (IPC) course/ATC under this heading have also received 9 month hands-on experience.

Applicants who have enrolled in the Intermediate (IPC) course via the KPT path and who have taken the Intermediate (IPC) exam in one or both groups, but have not passed either group, and who have been transitioned to Intermediate (IPC) under the Direct Entry Scheme and began hands-on instruction on or before October 31, 2016.

The same admission requirements apply to the medium exam which has been successfully taken by Institute of Cost Accountants of India/Institute of Company Secretary of India graduates. He or she is registered for the corresponding levels of the IPC course and/or his/her enrolment is considered accepted. Enrolment in the IPC course is for 4 years.

Authorization to audit the financial statements: Those applicants who have successfully completed the interim or vocational education and traineeship II./PCC/IPCC can submit an application for the concluding examinations. Applicants who have discontinued their education are recommended to re-register for the remainder of the education.

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