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Spectrum charter advertising Contacts Spectrum Range The Spectrum Reach is the advertising distribution department of Charter Communications, Inc. It provides tailor-made communications management systems for the advanced digital environment using domestic wired and wireless communications, web advertising and advertising campaigns, supporting research, development, marketing activities and award-winning creativity. At Spectrum Reach, we apply enlightening research to understanding consumers' behaviour and creating focused, multidisciplinary mediaplans that are personalised for each client.

Spectrum Reach spans over 3 million homes across the nation with 26 States. Spectrum Reach's consulting teams offer marketers powerful and powerful ways to turn our audience into their clients, from classic advertising to thrilling new opportunities in rich multimedia and multi-screen advertising. Further information can be found on the Spectrum Reach website.

Spektrumreichweite provides the following in the ad week

NY - NEW YORK, NY - Spectrum Reach caused a sensation at Advertising Week on Tuesday and provided important insight into the performance of television advertising in a digit area. In cooperation with 605, REACH was a sponsoring company at the conference and organized the Business Impact summit. By bringing together developers, publishers, marketers, publishers and information providers to exchange ideas on how to use information to explain their approaches to target audience and measure advertising campaign effectiveness, the meeting was a great opportunity to learn more about the value of marketing information.

Executive Vice President at Charter Communications and President of Spectrum Reach, David Kline moderated a fireplace talk with 605 founder and CEO Kristin Dolan to review the state of TV advertising and force business executives to realize the value of the merger. Spectrum Reach began the week by announcing the completion of the roll-out of AudienceApp, the data-driven TV scheduling software designed in collaboration with 605 and now available in more than 80 stores.

This cutting-edge marketing tools enables publishers to conduct more efficient advertising promotions using Spectrum's own private label budget information to better reach and select the right people. AudienceApp uses anonymous and aggregate subscription view information in combination with third-party user information to address certain user attribute types. Instead of reliance on date-based demographics and imperfect public metrics, customers have much more accurate budget information when planning a campaign.

The Spectrum Reach has planned to reach 28 towns and traverse the countryside this autumn in the Experience Motivation Driving By Data Mobile Tour. Tuesday saw an important stop in front of the AMC Loews on Broadway to welcome Ad Week visitors. Spectrum Reach's unique range of Spectrum Reach solutions and solutions were presented on the Ad Week with practical demos.

Attendees were able to see for themselves how companies of all shapes and sizes could thrive with targeted skills and progressive promotional offerings. For more information about Spectrum Reach, please click here to go to our website.

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