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Luxurious Air Travel - Aura Private Jet Airline " This is how 21-year-old Zander Futernick described his inspirations for AURA, a new tour operator focusing on the revolution in luxurious aviation. Launched in 2019, the facility will provide private jet seating from just US$280. Here is what you should know about AURA. According to Futernick, AURA will be operating a fleet of "no less than four" CRJ-700s, which will have 29 instead of the 75-seater version as series.

" FIRST, which is actually located at the back of the cab, will offer the broadest seating (20 inches) and the greatest leg room (44 inch incline) of any first-rate inland offer. WAVE, the higher level of the two with only eight seated, incorporates the gravity-free AƏANAWAVE seated units, which can lay down level and have been developed with research from aeromedical researchers and sleeping therapists.

Perhaps the first carrier to offer a choice of live food, such as sami sandwiches and fried seafood on the plane, will allow customers to experience "a choice of sami and seafood every day" in both cabin, according to AURA's media, which states that "the choice of seafood and its fishing site will be available in the AURA application before take-off. "WAVE travellers can also select between veal, gras, lamb, hen, Duck or seafood, which is then boiled during the journey using Sous-Vide technology.

The AURA uses private FBO terminal at the airport where it takes off, so there are no long queues. AURA' s mother organization, ZED Aerospace, says its "security programme far surpasses TSA norms, but without line or face-to-face intervention. The entire baggage is checked by internationally standardized safety equipment with progressive CT view technologies and explosives identification.

" According to the airline, arrivals must be made 20 min before departing. Presidential Aviation operates services between New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Denver and Atlanta. And AURA will deliver a SkyLights Allosky Cinematic VR header that imitates the effect of an IMAX-style Full High Definition display, and entertaining features from 20 Century Fox, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, National Geographic and more.

Miami-born Zander Futernick studied finances, business, psychology as well as business and communications at New York University's Stern School of Business when he left last year to start AURA. "I am very proud of what we have achieved," Futernick said to Town & Country on Friday. Refusing to reveal the scale of the business or any pertinent information, he said that "well over 15 people[the company] pay daily close attention. However, he did not want to reveal the scale of the business or any pertinent information.

"One looks at how today Americans are dressed at the airport, and it's not Americans who have altered, but because airlines have altered and become commodities," says Futernick. "In order to counteract the falling trend norms of aviation, it sets out a number of guidelines: "There' s a member programme with a bargain until 31 July.

At AURA, we offer $100 per keyholder per month discount if you make a $100 down payment by July 31 for accessing the best rates (see graph below), affiliate discounts, and party invites in the starting towns. But Futernick says there's more towns on the way. "He says I get over 200 e-mails a night from guys who sell me their town."

"Somebody from New Orleans sent me an e-mail 10 min ago giving me all the reason why AURA should be there. "AURA offers a "top-down realignment of the airlines experience," he says.

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