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Taylor Blvd Pleasant Hill, CA Aircraft Broker

AirCharter World was established in 1988 and provides a wide array of ground handling, air procurement and flight operations related activities. It provides resources and mediates and administers aeroplane agreements. At AirCharter World we have a staff of several professional air charterers. It provides inspections, fiduciary, supply, certifying, leasing, education and bridge maintenance work. At AirCharter World we offer a wide array of consulting and consulting activities including information management, technical inspections and operational scheduling.

It provides mobilisation solutions for aerospace, communication, control, network and report processes. The AirCharter World also deals with the recruitment of managers, conductors, station managers and air traffic controllers. It provides on-line reservation, ticketing as well as paymentservices.

Charta for the 2018 World Championship in Russia

Our local Russian registration makes us a safe and affordable choice for air charter packages in the Russian market. Our 25 years of flying experiences are in the field of air charter for the Russian and Russian sports industries, where we have flew several times groups, sponsoring companies, media and fans, most recently for the Russian Cups.

No matter if you need a chopper transport, a privat plane or an airliner for the world championship next year. Whether you are gambling or watching, we have the perfect charter solution for both residential and group charter to meet all your needs. "Our Moscow and St Petersburg office will work in close cooperation with Russia's airline companies to support our global branch office support during the World Championship in Russia.

Let us know your needs and one of our charter specialists will make you an offer.

Global Charter Group

Trips for groups. Trips for groups. Traveling in groups has never been so easy. Since 20 years world-wide sends large groups into the big skies - vision and dream become true and shows our customers how easy, inexpensive and intelligent air charter trips can be when they have to go together.

Be it a one-off ad-hoc charter or a longer-term tracking programme, our specialists know the markets and will lead you to your next step. Offering immediate and comfortable choices and alternative to non-stop flights, we bring groups to locations not available from normal non-stop carriers. Our huge worldwide operator and supplier networks give our customers 24/7 effective acces to a variety of choices, backed by our decade-long expertise that guides them through the selection procedure of the ideal plane for their charter.

We will guide you through your choices and tell you why they best suit your needs and your budgeting. An additional plus is that our clients profit from the reduced charter fees resulting from our relationship with wholesale buyers and operator companies. The Worldwide charter provides you with the opportunity and versatility you need. Our worldwide expertise is like no other - a tailor-made meeting to suit your needs - committed passengers check-in with local charter co-ordinator, tailor-made caterers, brand interiors with head restraint coverings, comfort sets, cushions, blankets, hull logos to maximise your corporate presence, whether on the floor or in the air.

Floor transfer from and to the airports, accommodations or wherever you want to travel. Over the years, our charter specialists have developed and implemented innumerable season and serial programmes. Our vast expertise and in-depth understanding of the many moveable parts and strategies required in the planning of a large-scale plant are the key to our success.

Our worldwide fleet of aeroplanes and wholesale merchants provides our customers with a distinct advantage and cost-effective solution. Soccer, baseball, picking or playing clubs - worldwide you share your enthusiasm to participate. No matter what your group sizes or your destinations, we have the right plane for every sport squad, every association, every travel company and every group.

Because we know that the hell is in the detail, we are experienced and versed in fulfilling all your specific needs (VIP planes, discrete departure and personal airport facilities, exceptional food needs and much more). Relying on their dedication, enthusiasm and innovative power, our charter professionals will help you deliver an appealing and unforgettable charter holiday for your business / social events, launches or conferences.

Our extensive global coverage and current accessibility enable us to quickly address emergencies and disasters around the world. Skilled charter professionals are trained to act quickly and quietly to organise help where it is needed. Gain instant global reach.

Additional Capacity - when you work with Worldwide, you enjoy the liberty of being flexible, with the option of enlarging or reducing the plane's dimensions to accommodate changes in the markets and unforeseen cancellation or booking. ? Freeom to fly - Create your charter a la cart. Airplanes that you want, appointments that you want, airports that you want, schedules that you want, on-board functions that you want.

Do not divide your group into items to suit your business timetables and available seating arrangements - let our charter specialists do your transport work for you. Travelling together. Hire and charter directly. Take control of your Destiny Manifesto at - turn the bridles over to our charter co-ordinators and jump the hassle.

Kick it up a Notch - increase your play with the countless customisation possibilities from Worldwide. Charter agents on board, indoor and outdoor brands, onboard entertainments, food services, personalised flight attendant notifications, V.I.P. account management and more: the staff is seasoned to negotiate the best deal.

When you charter with Worldwide, you have 24/7 operational line clearance, departures and arrivals surveillance and 24/7 air traffic surveillance. Our worldwide experience is at your service 24 hour a day, 7 working day awe. Be it unforeseen shocks from our AOGs, or forecasts that reveal a lack of jet lifts for seasonally high seasons, we have a wide range of available airplane choices and skilled specialist operating personnel to find your immediate solutions.

Our worldwide fleet of air companies and our airplane fleet databases are updated every day. At all times, we are in constant contact with our networking partner and only provide planes delivered by renowned and proven aviation companies. All our air companies deliver aircrafts that are manned, professionally serviced and covered by insurance and have all the necessary certification and approval from the supervisory authorities.

Our company offers a broad spectrum of lease service and special contractual solutions: Rely on Worldwide to provide reliable, quick and effective answers to your current and future lease needs. With our qualified commercial staff, we will use our knowledge of the markets and our strong working relationship with thousands of carriers to find the right airplane at the best price.

We take over the contractual and operating negotiation for you - together with your teams we implement our possibilities seamlessly into tailor-made IT infrastructures. You will find the perfect airplane, a lower hourly per unit fee, favorable deposits and payments, and extra program-based features.

The Hajj is one of the world' s biggest annual pilgrimage events. Successfully we have carried out ACMI and full charter transports for groups of 7,000 to 40,000 annual Pilgrims. Having established close working relations within Africa, Asia and the Middle East with government and domestic freight forwarders, we look forward to further developing these relations by providing sound and dependable services over the coming years - only Hajj operators who provide full-time experience in Africa and work around the clock to provide a seamless and professional after sales support.

For over 15 years, we have been aware of the spiritual and philosophical importance of pilgrimages and have worked in close collaboration with our customers, personally ensuring that we meet all their needs - from airplane logo and stickers to seating and Hallal dinners - and guarantee an memorable, special and significant outing.

We have a broad portfolio of carriers and hauliers on all five continents in our worldwide airline carrier ecosystem. Regardless of your load, our specialists react quickly to get your goods airborne quickly and cost-effectively. Load chartering is a great way for planned carriers to avoid meeting the schedules and requirements of commercial movement.

We have a wide range of carrier choices with airplane loading capacities from 5,000 to 22,000 kg that can be loaded in either bulks or pallets. We evaluate load capacities, timeframes and routes to determine the best freighter for your needs and make sure your consignments are on time and on time. Charters provide liberty from the stresses of travel, but also open the doors to a new world of opportunity and the possibility of individual design.

Select the add-ons and conveniences that are important to you, and customize your onboard experiences the way you want them to be. Global advisors make sure airplanes are well used and run effectively to reduce travel times, hassle and costs, and often draw up power optimization schedules and programmes. Often, a good understanding of your company's operating environment (both actual and forecasted) and a clear overview of your spend and expense centers is the keys to the overall successful outcome of an airline and programme.

Throughout the world, all our vendors are audited and all our service offerings are reviewed and coordinated to make sure that the customer's end result is met. He is known around the world for his powerful relationship and practical approaches to programme co-ordination. Diving into the design and detail of all programmes and charter, we make sure we provide the quality service our customers demand and earn.

Everything is covered world-wide.

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