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The jet charter companies come and go - we have passed the test of time. Find out more about the rental costs for private jets and familiarise yourself with the most important price drivers. They offer a wide range of aircraft, such as helicopters and business jets.

Compare 18 Jet Card Companies, Programs - Part of major Jet Charter Research & Analysis

Editorial Note: employee Doug Gollan has conducted an audit of jet credit companies for his new store that offers a remunerated audit of jet credit program. In the first tranche, we look at personal jet tickets, their companies and programs: About two years ago, I took a close look at the on-demand charters industry, which at the turn of the day was driven by newcomers who claimed that renting a personal jet was similar to ordering a Uber.

Reading so many tales in which the author essentially just left the news item in love with technical slang was a frustration, and missed what was actually happening, the vast amount of people in the professional field of doing things that actually makes the whole work. When you don't have enough flying to own your own aircraft (typically at least 400 hrs or more per year), and don't even have to travel on a regular basis on your own, the on-demand charters industry generally makes perfect business sense. However, if you don't have enough flying to own your own aircraft (typically at least 400 hrs or more per year), and don't even have to travel on a regular basis on your own, the on-demand charters industry generally makes good economic sense. Your on-demand charters are a great way to get the most out of your aircraft.

But if you're flying more than 25 hrs a year but still not enough to own your own jet, or if you don't want to, the other two choices are split property and personal jet tickets, which I'll combine with pre-paid personal aircraft charters, sometimes referred to as bloc charters.

Factional property is perhaps tantamount to NetJets, which is tantamount to Warren Buffett. Partial property means that you actually buy a stake in an aircraft and usually make a three- to five-year obligation. The Jet is a more versatile way of doing something like populating a credit note for your personal use.

Business Jet Traveler, a magazine for jet operators and their aviators, says that jet tickets are also a favorite with privately owned jet operators who need extra buoyancy or perhaps an aircraft suitable for another flight assignment, perhaps a long-range jet, a larger jet with more seating or even a smaller aircraft that can get out of the way or is less expensive for less than two hour trips.

Get him or her a jet map. Because of all the above mentioned factors, jet tickets and pre-paid personal flight programmes have become highly appreciated, with an estimate of $2 billion in US revenue per year. There are some very good reason to buy a jet ticket or pre-paid programme instead of just charters.

Second, such as break programmes or ownership of your own aircraft, most (but not all) programmes give you guaranteed priority with different pre-booking settings and peaks between four and 24hrs. A number of the programmes have put together value-added services for their clients, which range from providing entry to VIPs at sports venues, to free overnight stays in luxurious hotel accommodation, to major loans to high-end jewellers and clothing stores.

com on jet maps about nine month ago, similar to the article I was writing about how on-demand jet charters work. I first found 18 companies offering either the classic jet pass or a prepaid personal jet charters programme, among them Air Partner, Inc; Clay Lacy Aviation; Delta Privat Jet, Inc; Flexjet; Jet Linx Aviation; JetSuite; Magellan Jet; NetJets; Nicholas Air; Privat Jet Services Group (PJS Group); PrivateFly; Port Jet; Sentient Jet; Solairus Aviation; Star Jet International LLC; VistaJet; Wheels Up; and XOJET.

In total, they provided 75 key programmes with even more customisation options. Then, when I talked to corporate leaders and repeatedly added a listing of deviations in the programmes, each of which could be important to you, I suddenly had a table with over 60 different column names, among them who the organisation belongs to, how big they are when they were established, the services area where you can go, guidelines for your pet's flight,

Of course it's too much to handle in one col, but to make it a little more digestible, I'll discuss the various facets of purchasing a jet map in a number of items. When you want to move ahead, you can go to the page I've put together for, where there are sophisticated spreadsheets so you can quickly see each of the 62 differentiating points between the 18 companies and their 75 different programmes.

Given that the average cost of a jet ticket typically begins at $100,000 (although you can get jet tickets for $25,000 or less), clients like you often spending in the hundred thousand and million dollar range on pre-paid personal jet programmes, I expect this and the following rates will be useful.

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