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Forthcoming CPD Trainings - Governance Leadership Programme. Are you interested in becoming a Chartered Secretary, but not sure what that is? A certificate in the practice of the company secretariat and share registration.

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Are you interested in becoming a Chartered Secretary, but not sure what that is? Chartered Secretary or Company Secretary is usually a type of executive function. Responsibilities include the effective management of a company and compliance with legal and compliance regulations.

They are also the connecting links to the Management Committee and to the various other divisions of the company. They are the main resource for advising on a company's behaviour in relation to law, regulatory requirements and financial reporting. Chartered Secretary qualifications are available both on-line and home based, allowing our pupils to select whether they wish to pursue their studies on-line or in printed form.

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Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (Hongkong Institut der Chartered Secretaryaries)

Which is a Chartered Secretary? chartered secretaries are high-level specialists who are educated to maintain the highest levels of good practices in terms of good practices, good practices, regulatory and administrative procedures. The Chartered Secretaryaries, who are appreciated by employer for their trainings at International Civil AviationSA, are the most important resource for advising on the handling of transactions. These can range from providing counsel on conflicting interests and auditing to developing strategies and company plans.

The Chartered Secretaryaries serve as chairmen, principal investigators and non-executive investigators as well as manager and company secretary (see below). A Company Secretary's work is vital to the running, governing, administration as well as managing of a company. Corporate officers must not only work and interoperate with the corporate officers, managerial staff and stockholders of their businesses - they must also work and interoperate with the various governments and regulators that govern the operations of their businesses, such as the Registrar of Registries, the Treasury, the Securities and Futures Commission and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

In general, the Company Secretary's day-to-day responsibilities are broad and can vary from administration tasks such as human resources administration and the keeping of books and records to tasks as varied as assuring compliance by the company or providing advice to business managers on good practices in relation to good company conduct.

One of the tasks is typical: Review recent trends in good practices in good practices of good practices to provide advice to senior management. Corporations incorporated in Hong Kong are required to have a Company Secretary under the Companies Ordinance. A company cannot be quoted on the stock exchange without having a skilled secretary. Legislation and regulation relating to company operations is certainly becoming ever more complicated as Hong Kong becomes more and more integrated into local and international businesses and coalitions.

Hong Kong lacks professional and highly skilled company secretaries. Since the number of enterprises listed and the HK quotation are likely to increase further, there will be a sustained need for company secretaries.

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