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Anyone know the approximate cost of a taxi from Anchorage Airport to Captain Cook Hotel? The Seward to Anchorage and Anchorage to Seward prices are the cheapest for you to travel by bus or individual tour. Guy even drove me to my house to avoid cab fare. Fuji, SE, Breezer and Kestrel are the only authorized bicycle dealers of Anchorage. What is the cost of a taxi at Anchor Point in Alaska, United States ?


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Our plan is to take a cab from the airports to a nearby hotels in the center of the town, and the next day to take a ride from the center of the town. Anybody know how much a cab from the airports to town costs? Pretty little guesthouse near the Avis Downtown Rentals Room?

Is there a large number of cabs or should we reserve one in advance? Yes. Hello, we took a taxi from the airfield to this inner city adress. Fare was $27 without a tip. Taxi services await clients directly in front of the terminal. They have several hotel near the Avis site in the city center.

Hilton, Historic Anchorage Hotels, etc. Approximately $25 in cab fees can be saved if you find a hostel with shuttles from the airports. Lots of cabs on the curbside at the airports.

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I just took a cab trip from eastern Anchorage to the terminal. Fare before tip, $25.00. Hopefully this information will be useful for a prospective traveller. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons.

Installation of the cooler | Anchoring, AK

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