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Low airline prices

Receive fewer discounts, but you can save a package in price. Inexpensive fares are expected to be continued this year. In view of increasing fuel prices, carriers are issuing warnings that ticketing prices could increase in the next few month. Don't be in a hurry to get your tickets booked. Air fares are already the lowest they have been for years, and they are unlikely to move much in the summers and can only increase moderately for the remainder of the year.

Fierce aeronautics market rivalry has developed as low-cost operators gain in importance and deprive the major operators of purchasing powers and their capacity to readily share increasing petrol prices with the consumer. "Major airline companies, such as American and Delta, are likely to increase the prices for upgrade discounted fares and restrict tariff rises to business-oriented destinations where airline companies do not face much rivalry from low-cost carriers," said Samuel Engel, chief executive of the ICF aerospace group, a leading international consultancy.

This is why tourism connoisseurs believe that even with rising petrol prices, those who want to get a good deal will still find one. Rumors of higher fare rates began recently when Doug Parker, American Airlines chief executive officer, said travellers should reckon with rising airfare. "In fact, if this is where prices will remain, I would anticipate that over a period of years you would see higher rates for consumers," Parker said.

One of the greatest expenses for airline companies is the cost of petrol. US jet fuels cost 40 euro cent per gallon more than in the same period a year ago and impacted the company's profits. Americans is one of the world' s leading US carriers, exerting an enormous impact on the airline world. Parker's opinion appears to be supported by the recent International Air Travel Association, an industrial group, air travel CFO poll.

Admittedly, the sector is undergoing enormous change and the major carriers are no longer as powerful as they used to be. Indeed, they had to strap themselves in for smaller, more agile and - most importantly - less expensive upgrades with extremely low rates. Today, the major carriers have their own versions of extremely low fare, known as base economies.

Consumer who want to go on a trip this autumn can only count on a progressive rise in ticketing prices - and smart-travelers may not even be affected, the expert says. "As soon as autumn/winter starts rolling around, tariffs will rise, though probably not very sharply, except in cases where services are restricted on certain routes," says AirfareWatchdog's Stewart.

Reducing route lengths is one of the few ways in which companies can make savings and raise prices. Wherever there is a competitive environment, it opens up an airline to other companies that board at lower rates. "By the end of the afternoon, they are in a competitive situation, and when an airline begins to offer reduced ticket prices, you can see others hopping aboard and starting a tariff war," she says.

So she says that going out to buy now may not be the best policy for travellers with holiday itineraries. "I' d put in a Google air alarm and watch prices for a few short week before I buy airline tickets," says Mr. McNutt. What I' d like to do is to get a Google air alarm on my computer. An airline alarm also informs you if a fall in prices has occurred due to a sales in flashing mode.

"The Southwest is known for providing these wholesale rates," she says. "Also Southwest is the only airline that will reimburse you the balance if you see that they offer a lower rate for the same trip after you buy your tickets. "But it' s not automatically; travellers have to mark the airline if they see a lower tariff.

If you can be agile in your scheduling, you will increase your chances of getting a better deal. There are three ways to get a better flight: postpone your itinerary. However, if you have some room, see how far tickets would go if you went a or two days early or later, or if you departed early in the day or early at night. What if you did?

However, if you reside near more than one of the airports, you can reduce your cost by expanding your look.

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