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Aircraft Maverick

Ultralight aircraft with a great flight feeling. Maverick was built according to strict Japanese ultra-light criteria. Murphy Maverick is a Canadian two-seater, solid, ultralight monoplane developed by Murphy Aircraft of British Columbia.

A microlight aircraft with a great flight feeling

This Maverick was designed according to strict ultra-light weight standards. Maverick was recently approved under the rules of British Section S. Whatever the license, the Maverick offers unlimited enjoyment for week-end riders who want to go out and rap through the landscape. The Maverick hull, like the Rebel, is made of steel and has a half-baroque design for stability and sobriety.

The forward rotawall is one of a kind because the Rotax 503 is smaller than the Rebel engines. Similar to the Rebel transmission, the transmission uses a sturdy aluminium V-frame with semi-axles, 600-6 tyres and impact or buffer ropes that expand to accommodate impact during descent. Maverick can be fitted with high tread tyres for off-road laps as any open meadow looks like a tempting airstrip at Maverick's low landingspeeds.

The few welds needed for the Maverick are done at the plant. In the Maverick-cockpit, the place corresponds approximately to that of a Cessna 150. Maverick' grand pianos consist of three uprights, pre-formed aluminium fins and an aluminium front end forming a "D" chamber. Aluminium 6061-T6 is used as the base metal.

In contrast to the rebel, the Maverick does not need a dozen stringer, as the blades are clad with cloth instead of aluminium plate behind the truss, resulting in significant savings in terms of overall size and building times. Equal to the rebels in the building industry, the rudders are steered by high-grade steal ropes. Glass fibre points of the blades are joined to the truss and joined to the rear end via an aluminium pipe.

Prebent aluminium tubes, rivetted together, coated with cloth and fixed with fly wire, form the vertical and lateral elements of the fin group. Elevation is steered by a high-grade wire connected to the joystick and rowing is steered by a high-grade wire connected to pedal arms with brake feet.

In the comparison of aircraft in this respect, history is determined not only by engineering criterions, but also by material and building techniques. From the strict benchmarks of aircraft designs and aircraft grade material to the manufacturing processes, we have developed and constructed aircraft that have anything but similar weights and properties.

sash is a three-spar construction composed of a closed aluminium D-cell as standard with a fabric-coated metallic case profile enclosing the leaf's principal frame. Its hull section is a semi-monocoque construction composed of metallic skin and preformed partitions. Controllers are operated by a high-strength high-grade wire that allows sharp, instant reaction to commands.

Flight planes are equipped with a 1.7 oz poly fiber aircraft cover. Stainless steel pipe 058 4130 Chromium molybdenum pipe offering outstanding rigidity at low cost. Made entirely of high grade 6061-16 aluminium with an extreme good balance of stiffness and lightness. Double disc brake hydraulics on aircraft grade aluminium tyres with a selection of tyres.

Every shell and wings are preformed and predrilled with all pilots. Rips and bulkhead walls are preformed and provided with pre-stamped guiding apertures. All you need to get your MAVERICK back from the wall and from the bottom up is included in this package.

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