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Where do I get from Disney Resort to Universal Orlando? When Transformers 3-D The Ride opens this sommer, many Disney Resort residents will want to stay with Universal for a while. The Disney Resort does not offer transport to Universal Studios from Disney Resort Hotels. So, how exactly do you get from Disney to Universal? From your Disney Hotel, there are several ways to get to Universal Studios:

The 1-day/2-park pass provides free shuttles from Disney Hotels and Orlando Area Hotels to your destination in Florida. Free shuttles are on aboard our transport. Call your local dealer about 24 hrs before your visit to Universal Studios to plan your pick-up times.

You will then be met at Universal Studios in front of your guesthouse for your full conference night. You will plan pick-ups from Disney Resort Hotels between 7.30-10.30am. As soon as you are ready for the full Universal service you call the same number to plan your pick-up and drive back to your Disney Resort.

There is a quarterly hourly service from 15.15 to 15.15 in the afternoons. That means that after your qualifying Universal night at CityWalkf for supper or a nightcap, you can take the return bus to your destination. Free shuttles save you a great deal of cash when you travel from Disney to Universal Studios.

1-days/2-park passes with free shuttles cost $142.71 per person and $133.25 per person (3-9). A further transport possibility is the rental of a vehicle. The Disney World has an Alamo office in the heart of the Walt Disney World Care Center Walt Disney Center residence. It is possible to hire a rental vehicle for the whole working week and drive to Universal Studios.

Make sure that you include Universal Studios in your rental plan, as this will incur extra costs when you rent a vehicle. Then Alamo will meet you at your Disney Resort and take you to his offices. They' ll take you back to your Disney Resort after the show.

So you don't have to bother about transporting your Disney Resort to the Alamo Office. And if you don't care about the costs, you can take a taxi for your transport. There is always a taxi available in front of your Disney Resort or you can call 407-699-9999-9999 to take a taxi.

It costs approximately $45 per trip plus a tip for a taxi from your Disney Resort to Universal Studios. Posted by Jennifer Greene- Jennifer is a Universal Parks & Resort specialist with destinations in Florida Travel. Johnnifer is a Universal Parks & Resorts Specialist and authorized Disney vacation planner with destinations in Florida Travel.

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