Taxi Wedding

Taxicab Wedding

Wedding White London Taxis, Personal, Professional & Experienced from Vintage to Modern Day Taxis for bride and groom. Taxis in white, silver, black and London that are used as wedding cars. Northern Irish Taxi Weddings. offer a wide range of luxurious Belfast taxis and V.

I.P. transport for every special occasion. On your wedding day, let us drive in one of our colour-coordinated taxis or arrive in style in one of our prestigious vintage or classic wedding cars.

Bridal Taxi, Original White London Wedding Taxi Service

Marriage Taxi are the UK's premier and biggest provider of London wedding taxi services, yet we are small enough to provide a truly individual, courteous and courteous welcome to our clients. We handpick all the wedding taxes we use to make sure you get the best possible wedding experiences.

With over 18 years of London Wedding Taxi and 32 years of Wedding Inudstry expertise, you can be sure that your wedding is in good hands with us. Weddings are our favorite and we would be honored to be part of your particular wedding anniversary. If we are fortunate enough to be part of your wedding anniversary, we will go the additional mile to ensure that your wedding anniversary is as memorable as possible.

With a white wedding taxi, you can really improve your wedding reception by giving your photos a subtile setting.

On request we also arranging the legendary Fairway, FX4 or replicas of the 1930s Asquith London Taxi.

On request we also arranging the legendary Fairway, FX4 or replicas of the 1930s Asquith London Taxi. All our cabs for your wedding will be sold especially for this event and will be standardly clothed with *white wedding band, a bouquet of bouquets or a bend in front of the driver's cabin and, if possible, a floral ad on the back hatrack.

It is our business to offer the full wedding taxi services and improve your particular wedding days. In order to receive a quotation, please click here to use the wedding taxi inquiry sheet. Wedding bands and flower arrangements in different colours are available on demand.

Glasgow Wedding Carts and Beyond

Besides our classic cabs, we also have a choice of 6-seaters, perfect for bigger weddings. Our cabs are all available for all types of transport. Cab Packs available (price per cab); 1 175 pound optional - One pickup and return. 2 200 GBP - Home to check-in, on-site waiting and transfers to front desk.

Optional 3 230 - Home to check-in, waiting on site and pick-up to photo site (approx 30 - 45 minutes) with back pick-up to front desk. £50 per wedding taxi payment is needed to ensure booking.

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