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What is the impact of the tariffs on the US private jet industry and the emerging Chinese BizAv market? The passion for US-China commerce has been growing since August 2017, when President Donald Trump initially agreed to sign a Chinese governmental memorandum to focus on what he sees as an unappetizing array of commercial and trading practice.

You' ve purchased your private plane, what should you look out for in a team?

The private plane of Elvis Presley will be auctioned.

The restoration of this airplane requires a pile of money and a pile of passionate loving. However, if there is a shot at owning Elvis Presley's tailor-made private jets, supporters may be willing to ignore the grime that comes from spending 36 years on a New Mexico airstrip. Lockheed JetStar 1329 from 1962 belonged to the snake-laden Rock'n'Rollstar and his sire Vernon.

The last time it was auctioned was in 2017 and reached a value of 430,000 dollars. The present owners, however, have chosen to go back to the shipper - perhaps not ready for the work needed to get this old aircraft back into form. The IronPlanet on-line auctions platform now accepts offers until 27 July 2018.

Inside the plane is stuffed. The last with the Lockheed Jetstar at auctions, GWS Auctions stated that the once luxurious interiors - all pink satin seating, Shagpile carpets, gilded accented wooden panelling - were made to the King's own specification. Roy McKay, a former KOB-TV proprietor, said KOB-TV in Albuquerque that he had invented the two-tone grey and " somehow look like a coffin" theme.

GWS Auction spokesman Carl Carter said to the Associated Press that Federal Aviation Administration recordings show that no internal changes have been made to the aircraft. However, IronPlanet makes no such claim in its list and merely states that the sale "contains all FAA documentation and accounts evidencing prior Elvis Presley ownership".

Lockheed JetStar is one of 204 airplanes manufactured by the airframe maker between 1957 and 1978 and one of two Elvis had. Presley Elvis deceased in August 1977 and his dad was killed less than two years later, in June 1979. In its 36 years on the asphalt in Roswell, the airplane has become a kind of popular tourism destination - if not the weirdest in the city.

Will Presley's aircraft eventually be rebuilt after almost four years of loneliness before it falls to pieces?

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