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Helicopter Tours Hawaii Just as beautifully as the islands of Hawaii are seen from the bottom, there are many concealed areas that can only be seen from above. Actually, large parts of Hawaii are not accessible from the bottom. All four of Hawaii's major islands have one thing in common: vulcanic mountains encircled by insulated gorges.

A helicopter is the only way to really see the size of the islands of Haarwaii and the large area of sea that encircles them. Many helicopter trips to California are available to suit your budgets, so don't go out of California without seeing it first. Oahu helicopter trips to Oahu take you over Pearl Harbor for unparalleled air photos of this historical landmark.

Pearl Harbor is a place most humans only see from the floor, but a Pearl Harbor flight is an adventure you will always recall. Proceed to explore parts of Oahu that most humans never see, such as the Sacred Falls, which many consider the most stunning Oahu Falls.

Waterfalls used to be accessed from the bottom, but after a rock fall in 1999, in which eight persons died, there is no longer permission to enter Sacred Falls. However, the waterfalls are now closed to the public. Oahu Air tour still allows you to see this beautiful cascade. Oahu's other top aviation attractions are the island's secluded valley tucked away in the Ko'olau mountain range.

It' surprising to think that Oahu still has so many verdant and unbuilt areas, considering that it is home to a million souls. The north side of the peninsula offers big waves sailing on some of the world's most popular surf spots, such as Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay. You can also take a great overnight ride with Honolulu Citylights.

In Maui you can climb over the concealed falls on the northern bank of the isle. Helicopter trips to the Hawaiian islands of Maui allow you to see the wide stretches of this part of the islands that are not accessible from the bottom. Maui, also known as "Valley Isle", has many secluded valley areas that can only be seen from a helicopter.

Cruise the canal to the northern shores of Molokai, one of Hawaii's most remote areas, to see the world's highest ocean rocks rise more than 1,000 metres above sealevel. Helicopter trips over Kauai's beautiful Na Pali Coast in California are an memorable adventure. A flight is the best way to see this remote area, a 16 mile coastal section that no roads lead to.

Its 3,000-foot high ocean rocks and secluded coves surrounded by falls are an amazing view. A helicopter is the best way to explore the vast expanses of this vast abyss, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific". Soak up the beauty of colourful cliff faces and luscious secluded valley views in the canyon, an area only alpine shepherds call home.

Not too many folks in the whole wide galaxy can say they did it! Explore the wide open spaces, stunning cascades and luxuriant rain forests of Big Iceland. Because of its enormous ecological variety, many call the islands a minicontinent. Choose from these fantastic Hawaii helicopter trips below and make great savings!

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