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The Red Cabs Service is based in the district of Galle and currently works for the entire district of Galle. Fast, safe and efficient door-to-door taxi service, best fares, experienced, knowledgeable English-speaking drivers. Sri Lanka Galle Taxi Taxi Rental Price. Excellent taxi service in Galle!!

!!!!!! Providing fast, reliable, safe and courteous transportation services throughout Sri Lanka.

Outstanding taxi service! - Testing of LOTUS CABS, Galle, Sri Lanka

Located in Galle, they can take you inland. Being the first Sri Lankan timekeeper, safety and dependability were our top priorities. Callcenter operator & drivers gave us 100% contented service. If you are willing to use the taxi service in Sri Lanka and the south shore of Sri Lanka, we recommend it to you.

I booked my transfers back and forth with this company after seeing all the positive reviews and was not disappointed at all and can therefore confirm the quality of service! Punctual, helpful (the driver kindly went out to buy me a bottle of water on my arrival (at 38° in the shade).

The cars were always very clean, and the qualified and friendly drivers, I even received explanations and comments in "tourist guide" fashion from the second driver Salith about the region and the landscapes as we drove through various places on the road Galle-Negombo. Communicating with Raj via e-mail or Whatsapp is super fast and reliable, a pleasure.

We wanted to drive from Galle to the airport and looked for a taxi that could adapt to our wishes.... Exchange only by e-mail, but a very reputable company that respected our restrictions and is very reliable. We were really very very satisfied with the service and everything went smoothly !

The voting went quickly via WhatsApp and also by mail and the contact was very competent, always answered quickly and everything was as agreed at the end. The company offers different classes / categories of cars and the driver stood superal ponctual at night at 3:55 in front of our hotel to pick us up.

We received the number plate and the mobile phone number of the driver in advance and the driver spoke good English, was very nice and drive safely.

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