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Void Jet Flights

How come empty leg flights can't be really, really inexpensive? When empty flights are only used for fuelling costs, the impact on the risk to passengers, owners and aircrafts could be serious. Besides the question "How much does a privat jet cost", one of the most frequently asked question is: Why can empty legs not be really inexpensive?

Like, really cheep, like in a few hundred bucks instead of a few thousand bucks. Firstly, if you are new to this concept, empty routes (also known as "deadhead flights" and "one-way charters") refer to flights that cover only one route of a round voyage because the aircraft has to be returned to its home base or repositioned elsewhere.

As a rule, empty cross-country flights arise for one of these reasons: In order to compensate for the cost of ownership on the way home by refilling the airplane, airlines are offering high rebates on one-way or empty-haul flights. Blank knees are often 25 to 75 percent cheaper, according to airplane model and itinerary.

For example, charters that normally amount to $30,000 could be up to $9,000. Individuals who routinely use personal flying for commercial or recreational purposes appreciate the huge economies, but sometimes those new to the personal jet hire industry wonder why empty legged flights can't be offered at virtually no price... like petrol costs or $500.

These are a selection of empty legs in a recent Stratos emailletter. Travelers see great economies over the costs of scheduled flights, but not at the expense of security or the airline's wasting. Well, if the proprietor took a low-ball bid like $500. There is an increased chance of the aircraft being damaged or worn out, and the aircraft owners lose out.

This could compromise the customer's security. Highest security standard brokerage like Stratos need empty leg to fulfill their security parameter. Being an ARGUS-approved broker with its own supplier approvals programme, all planes, crew and operator must comply with stringent requirements. Occasionally, brokerage, where pricing takes precedence over security, can provide empty legroom at really low rates because they don't need the ticket to comply with the same standard.

This would also create an unlikely unprecedented case where a person could actually make a booking at this fare. Instead, carriers assess idle flights fairly so that it is an inducement for last-minute and/or price-conscious travelers, but they do not lose cash or endanger passenger or aircraft. Also, sometimes the operator is able to provide a little flexible departures so that you can see big cost reductions without having to go too far beyond your planned schedule, and most importantly, you know that your agent has done everything to maximise the security margins of your flights!

Would you like to make a lot of savings with empty feet, but also help to ensure that your security is also in the foreground? Strato's Jet Charters is a security maniac, and it shows. Contact one of our representatives to find out about your last-minute schedules, and we will make suggestions for one-way charters at low rates that do not affect your security.

If you would like to book a Jet Charters holiday or group jet, please call Stratos Jet Charters at (888) 593-9066. Jet charters are available around the clock to offer you several offers of jet services for your on-demand flights.

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