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<font color="#ffff00" size=14> Each of our pilot's personal experiences in Learjets ranges from eleven to twenty-five years and more. The Jet Air security data is in perfect order. Flights may be operated by us as an independent enterprise.

Jet Air is fully entitled to operate any time of the year. S YOU and your group are the only passengers on the plane.

There' s no check-in, no wait for your plane to depart and no scheduled flights to board your plane. Never give one gram of cargo or goods of any kind except YOUR luggage on board the plane. At Jet Air, we maintain the highest operational reliability and service levels for our customers' aircrafts. The Jet Air pilot receives the same sophisticated education and control as the pilot of the world's biggest airline companies.

to Coron (Busuanga) -

Exploring the secret corner of Coron Island's heaven and discovering the best of nature's natural beauties. If you are a single traveller or an adventure seeker in search of adrenalin pumps, Coron and its neighbouring island and community have a lot to do and see. Coron has several domestic carriers that fly to Coron every day.

The Francisco B. Reyes and Busuanga airports are about an hours drive from Manila. Travellers will make shore journeys from the airports to reach the islands. Flights - A one-way fare to Coron averages around PHP 2,000 in low seasons and around PHP 4,000 in high seasons.

Lodging - For price-conscious travellers they can get lodging under PHP 1,000, but are still of high standard. Eating - Restaurants can be expensive as most foods in Coron are obtained from other places. A typical single individual lunch costs about 200 PHP and can be up to 400 PHP if you buy a snake for your beverage.

There are entry tickets for several Coron isles.

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