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You can enjoy a professional pilot and a luxury aircraft without the hassle of a commercial airline. For economic, political and safety reasons, completely private airlines are subject to a large number of government regulations. Specializing in private jet charter and air charter services for Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, we are an Arizona favorite for jet charter services.

Accessible ways to travel by private business aircraft - Luxurious travel hacks, tips and hints

There'?s no other means of transport but to get on a private plane. However, if you are sufficiently agile and willing to do it, there are ways to travel on a private plane without recourse to dubious medicinal techniques that include a backyard physician and a bath full of icy water. If airplanes have a charter in one direction and no round-trip is planned, you can get a ludicrously cheap offer.

You just have to be willing to let everything you do fall and go to the nearest aerodrome (or go, which is probably faster). As of the date of this letter, you can book a JetSuite from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for $536 for the whole aircraft. There is room for four people, so you can expect $134 per one.

Imagine this as a time-share apartment, only that you buy part of a jets. Bonuses: If you have a little more money to pay, you can choose your aircraft. Landing in a plane isn't cheap per se, but it's not as serious as you think. Whereas staying at a private airfield with a paper board could theoretically work, in fact it is really possible to take a private flight just because you get along well with the hobby pilot group.

Many men and woman are looking for an alibi to take their airplane, so if you are good at chatting, you have a chance.

Offer: Take a JetSuite private jet to Las Vegas from $59.

Has anyone said that private jets only cost $59? JetSuite services between Burbank, San Jose, Concord and Las Vegas are now available from $59 per leg with the private carrier. The JetSuite is usually specialized in making large cash reservations, but you can put away the bad cards for this business.

Those affordably priced airfares are with JetSuiteX, the company's on-going airline offering private jet-style services to the frequent traveler audience (think more of an UberPool than an Uber Black). While $59 is about the same as a one-way fare for one of the main airlines, JetSuiteX has a few more attractions to make business sweeter.

Departures are from private jets often on the other side of the terminal from business terminal and free of scheduled services and people. Check-in and embarkation are so easy that you cannot get in until 15 min before the departure date (and your baggage is free!).

You fly with other JetSuiteX occupants in a four, six or 30 seater plane, so this is not a single sip. With JetBlue, travellers will even collect airline mileage, as JetSuite CEO Alex Wilcox was one of JetBlue's first staff members and the airlines have entered into a business relationship. Browse the JetSuiteX website and find your favorite route and time.

You will find the best offers on Burbank and Burbank flight and are the perfect starting point for a last-minute outing.

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