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Last Updated October 30, 2017, 12:19. Southwest, Alaska Air, JetBlue are the best airline companies. According to J.D. Power, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines are the leading US airlines.

With 818 points on the 1,000-point rating of the J.D. Power 2018 single carrier rating poll, Southwest even achieved the highest rating. Southwest received the highest marks in both the "low-cost carrier" J.D. Power and all the interviewed carrier categories.

The JetBlue airline had the second highest number of points among all 10 interviewed airline companies and came second with 812 points in the overall ranking as well as in the low-cost categories. With 693 points, Frontier Airways ranked last among the five "low-cost" operators in the poll, an increase of 30 points over the previous year.

The Alaska Airlines Group received the highest number of points (775) in the "Traditional Airlines" class, the eleventh consecutive J.D. Power rating in the group. The Alaska Air team overtook the second-placed paver Delta Air Lines by eight points in the classic group. With 708 points, United ranked last among the five airlines interviewed by J.D. Power.

Last year's last runner-up in the traditionnal class, Air Canada moved up to third out of five after improving 25 points to 734. J.D. Power said that they had a wide carbon footprint in the US that could be incorporated into the rating. J.D. Power's rating is based on airline performance in seven different areas (in order of importance to the survey), costs and charges, in-flight service, planes, airport/departure/luggage, crews, check-in and reservation.

You can find the full methodological details of the poll on J.D. Power's website, although the Group says that the results are predicated on a combined response of 11,508 corporate and recreational travellers who travelled with a large US carrier between March 2017 and March 2018.

Alaska Airlines flight.

A Silicon Valley manager, Randi Zuckerberg, said Wednesday night that a man travelling on her Alaska Airlines trip had molested her several times and that cabin crews had rejected her complaint. Ms Zuckerberg said the chicanery began as soon as she got on the plane on Wednesday and travelled from Los Angeles to Mazatlán, Mexico.

A man sitting next to her in first grade asked if she was dreaming of a fellow traveler with her before the airplane ever left the gates, and then he made common comments about the woman passing him as they went aboard, she said in a Facebook inbox.

"I feel angry, nauseated and humiliated after an Alaska Airlines trip during which the person next to me made repetitive obscene, unreasonable and insulting sex comments to me," said Mrs. Zuckerberg, Foundress and Managing Director of Zuckerberg Media, a global media and manufacturing group. Formerly a Facebook leader, she was co-founded by her sister Mark Zuckerberg.

Mrs Zuckerberg said that she and her fellow Member both told the cabin crew about the man's behaviour, who, she added, dismissed her complaint and said that he was a regular flyer known to behave that way. Said that a cabin crew member had volunteered to move her to another place in the back of the aircraft, but refused.

An Alaska Airlines spokesperson said Thursday that it "fully investigated" the meeting and that two senior officials of the company had spoken to Mrs. Zuckerberg about her trip. Ms Zuckerberg posted an update to her Facebook mail after talking to Alaska Airlines senior management. There is no central data base for cases of sexually harassing, assault and malpractice on aircraft, which makes it hard to know how often they happen.

An attorney specializing in air travel laws, Andrew J. Maloney, said Alaska Airlines could be found legally responsible for Ms. Zuckerberg's portrayal of the event in a legal dispute. Said it seemed the carrier could not keep her safe from the recalcitrant traveller.

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