Cheap Taxi Rates

Low taxi rates

Which is a 3-kilometer taxi rate in 88 major towns in 2017. It is not surprising that transport rates can be very variable, so we track the costs of getting to and from the airports and driving through the towns, both by taxi and using local transport. Generally, taxi fares in any given location can be very bewildering, making it difficult to make comparisons between them.

For this purpose, we have chosen to follow a typically 3 kilometre (about 2 miles) journey cost in each city. Instead of "average prices" we use pricing bands, as many towns have different rates with each business, or different pricing patterns at nights or weekend. Thus, the below mentioned rates run from cheap to pricey, and some of the results are unexpected.

In Bangkok, for example, almost all new Toyota Camrys with climate control are taxi's, but still the trip is almost free of charge relative to the most costly city. We' ve upgraded all the tariffs for 2017 and added many new towns. Take a look at our pricing for urban transport in 80 city comparisons around the world.

NB: All currency rates have been adjusted since June 2017, which has slightly changed the situation. However, the right hand mark represents heavily frequented conditions plus overnight or week-end markups. At many of the cheapest taxi locations, it may be almost impossible to obtain the officially measuredfare.

However, some towns calculate more at nights or at the weekend, so the total coverage tends to be greater in these cases. Wait/stand rates and average transport varies from town to town, which also raises the spread. Honestly, even if all businesses in a town use a flat rate system, it can still be hard to research them because many taxi riders lead a better life if the general community doesn't know what to really want them to do.

One of the biggest confusions is that taxis at airports are almost always cheated, so it's a good idea to find out about them before you get anywhere.

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