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Alaska Juneau Taxi

Visit Alaska's capital! mobility-resources | Being on the road in Juneau It is the official transport services company for the city and district of Juneau. There are three regular services with more than 1.25 million passengers per year. It also offers transit services for people who cannot use the coach connection with Care-A-Van, which is contracted with the Catholic Community Services.

Capital Transit provides all our services with disabled access and all our services can be lowered to kerb levels to facilitate transfers. There is also a VIP pass offered by Capital Transit which entitles all persons with significant disabilities to travel free of cost on the coach system. Many Juneau inhabitants have been able to obtain and retain a number of jobs that are highly attractive and which in turn have enabled them to lead independent lives.

Our Care-A-Van Transportation Service is run by Southeast Seniors Services, a department of the Catholic Community Service. CARARE-A-VAN is developed to support the elderly (over 60 years of age) and those of all ages who, due to disabilities, are not able to use the Capital Coach. In Juneau, Care-A-Van brings travellers everywhere where they want to go to the doctors, to the shop, to work, to schools, for example - although it does not pass the passenger terminals.

Every Care-A-Van vehicle is suitable for wheelchairs. House-to-house transport is available at the same times as the Capital transit system. Our Care-A-Van offers only premature transport. Consultation times are shown on the Care-a-Van website. Our Taxi Voucher Program offers a slightly cheaper last-minute and out of coverage travel as well as travel outside opening times.

The SAIL and Juneau Taxis have partnered through public subsidies to create this very beloved programme, which allows individuals over the age of 60 or with a disability who fulfill certain requirements to travel for 40 euro cent per US dollars. You can do this in the Juneau office: Reduced fares can only be used with Juneau Taxis, they are suitable for all locations in the Juneau street network and includes the use of the Juneau taxis which are suitable for wheelchairs.

STAR supports people with mental and/or development-related disability and their family, accessing local communities' resource and available service through the State of Alaska's Mental and Development Disability Programme. SEARHC and the Healing Hand Foundation have provided one months coach voucher for SEARHC recipients and volunteers who need help to get to and from SEARHC clinics.

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