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Shahr Airport Private Jet Flights Iran. Rent a private jet to fly to or from Iran Shahr in Iran. Privat jet charter Iran Having more than 7,000 planes in service around the world, no single plane is too small or too large to be handled. You have the choice between Citation, Hawker, Lear, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global Express, Boeing Business and even Jumbo Jeep. Please do not hesitate to call our customer support representatives to arrange your next jet charter flight to Iran.

With our on-demand Iranian charter services, you can leave whenever you want and with the type of plane you want. Arranging your own Iranian departures according to your own timetable. With many years of experience in the business, our specialists ensure that you fly the right plane for your particular needs.

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Air Iran est la compagnie aérienne nationale de l'Iran. It is based in Tehran, where its base is located at the airport Tehran-Imam Chomeini. ln Allemagne, il dessert les villes de Francfort-sur-le-Main, Hambourg et l'aéroport de Cologne/Bonn. Iran Air a un total de 28 destinations intérieures et 35 destinations internationales sur son programme de vols.

Iran Air dispose d'une flotte de 39 appareils, dont, par exemple, des Airbus A300B2-200, Airbus A300B4-200, Airbus A300B4-200, Airbus A300B4-200F, Fokker 100, Boeing 747-200. Les illustrations suivantes ne sont pas exhaustives. The data and information provided are from March 2017, but may change at any time without notice from the airline.

Air Iran Air offre la possibilité de s'enregistrer au comptoir. For international flights, the airline recommends that you arrive at the counter three hours before departure. For international flights, the counter closes 60 minutes before departure time. AHS, le comptoir d'enregistrement des passagers d'Iran Air se trouve à l'aéroport de Francfort, dans le Terminal 1, Zone C, Niveau 2. Les comptoirs portent les numéros 706 à 710. A l'aéroport de Hambourg, les vols avec Iran Air sont traités par le partenaire AHS, situé au terminal T1, au premier niveau.

With AHS, flights with Iran Air are also handled at Cologne/Bonn Airport. How much free baggage is included in the flight ticket depends on the route as well as the travel class and can be asked about at the travel agency when booking. As a rule, free baggage up to a weight of 23 kilograms is included in the flight ticket.

If you travel with young children, you pay a surcharge of 10 percent of the total flight price for their free baggage allowance. Iran Air ne doit pas dépasser les dimensions de 56 centimètres de long, 45 centimètres de large et 25 centimètres de profondeur pour ses bagages à main. In total, la somme des dimensions ne doit pas dépasser 115 centimètres.

ln classe économique, les passagers peuvent transporter des bagages à main ne pesant pas plus de 5 kilogrammes. 7 kilogrammes sont admissibles dans la classe HOMA. Passengers may carry personal or valuable items, money, jewellery and documents in their hand luggage. Les Frozen foods, les aliments huileux ou acides comme le jus de citron vert ou les dattes ainsi que le miel et la confiture ne sont pas autorisés.

The weight of the bag must not exceed 75 kilograms. For flights from Frankfurt, Cologne or Hamburg to Tehran Iran Air charges 75 Euro for up to 10 kg excess baggage. The excess baggage can be registered when buying the ticket, but also up to one day before departure.

Iran Air fait la distinction entre deux classes de vol, la classe économique et la classe HOMA. It was named after the logo of Iran Air, the "Homa". This is a bird from Persian mythology. They are also given priority at the airport baggage claim area. If you wish to have a specific seat on the aircraft, please discuss this with your travel agent when booking your flight.

A later seat reservation, for example via the airline's homepage, is not possible. Additional seats must be reserved at full price by travellers carrying bulky baggage, sensitive musical instruments or valuables such as gold. The desire for more comfort can also be fulfilled by booking an additional seat. At Iran Air, les passagers à bord se voient offrir des repas, des boissons, des divertissements, des magazines et des journaux.

If requested in advance, special meals will be served on international flights.

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