Taxi Project

Taxis Project

They are a young rock band with a fresh sound inspired by different influences of jazz, pop, funk and blues. Global taxi project launched by Helmut Lang One of the old inventors of what we now call the 90' s is Helmut Lang, who is going on tour with his latest project. When the legendary trendy label arrived in New York from Vienna in the mid-1990s, it immediately took the lead in pioneering Minimalist fancy and was the first to distribute its messages and ads via the New York taxi system.

Over the years, tens of labels from different catagories have followed and placed their advertisements on rolling taxis. Helmut Lang's most recent project is to set up a taxi project this summer: Their New York taxi logos are now being redesigned (and paid tribute to) for the Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and Paris cabin transportation screen.

In order to honour the taxi driver in each town, the company has asked the photographer in each town to record the role of the driver in each city's culture. They are Alexandra Leese for Hong Kong, Tom Emmerson for London, Alex Lee for New York, Patrick Weldefor Paris and Kenta Nakamura for Tokyo.

Just like Helmut Lang's New York taxi line, a $255 worth limit capsules with hoodies and t-shirts will be available for purchase in every city. From now on you can pre-order the tracks on, and for those of you who really crave a nostalgic fix, the stamp will also re-release its New York taxi line from the 90s.

Über extends NASA's cooperation in an air taxi project

A second Space Act Memorandum was concluded with NASA to create a model to model the city' aviation services. It is a signal that Uber is interested in working in close cooperation with the authorities to launch its challenging aerial taxi project. As part of the deal, NASA will be providing NASA with detail and information about its flight taxi schedules to be used by the airline to model flight over Dallas-Fort Worth.

Those datasets will deal with aviation scenario, crash reduction and airspace related issues. This is NASA's first UAM deal (Urban Aerial Mobility), which focuses specifically on modelling and simulations. It was announced during Uber's second yearly Elevate meeting in Los Angeles. Both LA and Dallas are the two towns that have declared themselves willing to perform early testing of Ubers aerial taxi facilities.

The first Space Act Memorandum of Understanding with NASA, concluded last November, was a general declaration of intention to cooperate. Today's arrangement is much more concrete. The NASA will use Ubers Daten to model a small airliner flying through the Dallas-Fort Worth skies during periods of heavy use.

Space over the air is unbelievably congested, so the simulation will be instrumental in finding out how its suggested air slot services match the hundred planes that fly over Dallas every daily. May 8, 10:38 PT Update: Uber has also entered into an alliance with the U.S. Army to design and test "flying taxi aircraft" for the company's mobile services.

As part of the deal, Uber and the Army Research Laboratory anticipate spending a grand aggregate of $1 million to fund this research, which will be shared evenly between the two parties.

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