Cheapest way to Charter a Jet

The cheapest way to charter a jet

After all, there is the hybrid program in idle charter traffic that we at JetSmarter love. The private jet tickets are not always cheaper, but they are always more fantastic. Aircraft charter costs depend on many factors, starting with the basic details of the trip. The first things to know here are when you look at the charter prices for disposable aircraft:.

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The majority of the population thinks that privately owned airplanes are reserved for the élite. What if we were to tell you that privately flying isn't expensive, even... low? JetSuite, the privately owned jet company, has recently introduced a new JetSuiteX reservation system that allows you to reserve a place on a privately owned jet for only $109 per flight.

JetSuiteX is currently only available on working days on San Francisco to Los Angeles and L.A. to Las Vegas weekend departures. Apart from the more convenient hide seating and free Wi-Fi on board, the main advantage of the JetSuiteX flight could be that you can prevent bigger airfields such as LAX, Oakland, Sacramento or SFO, which are often so overloaded that you end up having more arrival and departure times than in the skies.

And, unlike other personal jet companies, JetSuiteX customers do not have to purchase a month's pass or go in small aircraft to get there. offers last-minute day offers that allow travellers to charter a privately owned jet for just $536 per flight per route - four tickets at $134 per seat - if you're travelling with a group and still have an eye on personal aviation (remember memorable birthday celebrations, stag nights, stag parties).

Why is privately flown so inexpensive? Over 40 per cent of privately operated aircraft have empty tickets, so - as an allusion to the shared economy JetSuite is selling these empty tickets for less. Everybody will win because the airline companies would rather earn some cash than no cash in one place.

The most frequent departures are in the Northeast of the USA, California and Florida, but there are also some departures throughout the entire state or even international. Havana, Cuba, has recently been added to the company's destination listing, offering services from key US capitals such as Miami, Houston, D.C. and New York.

The JetSuite and JetSuiteX allow the ordinary man to live a side of the journey that is generally reserved for the rich. Passengers are provided with first-class services on all services and avoided extra charges such as luggage charges and long safety loops. This alone is enough to make aviation a matter of privacy.

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