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The Fare Savings Finder automatically searches for lower rates on exactly the same flight and notifies agent when saving is found.

The Fare Savings Finder automatically searches for lower rates on exactly the same flight and notifies agent when saving is found. Egencia supports clients in implementing cost reductions to maximize user benefits by helping them transform cost saving potential, provide real-time visibility into "identified" and "realized" cost reductions, and track overall expenses.

And Egencia has tightened the on-boarding processes, making it easier and less complicated for clients to quickly realize cost reductions with our services. The move underscores the value of Egencia's investments in technologies and analysis, including the recently relaunched Egencia® Travel Intelligence homepage.

Kayaking starts week-end flight ticket finder

Early this weekend, pretended to be the first to introduce a new weekly fare discovery engine that allows consumers to find national and internationals that depart and return on the weekends in a given calendar year. It is a useful utility too (more on its functions in a minute), but it is certainly not the first of its kind.

I understood that Orbitz's flexible week-end quest did not allow intercontinental travel, but in my research today I found that the site does. This makes it simple to check the kayak and orbitz flexi quest after a September Paris trip to France (after all, who doesn't want to fly to the City of Light?).

The kayak allows you to look for the weekday you prefer for all monthends from Thursday to Monday - a function that Orbitz does not have. But Orbitz keeps the kayak with its other characteristics in the dirt. Orbitz offers you a table with the cheapest price for each available date for your trip, rather than a particular flight time.

In this way you can scroll through the graph and select which dates and rates are best for you. The kayak on the lookup page shows the best rates for each week-end, depending on the selected weeks. A lot of folks can find this more effective than just scans a graph, but I think if you're sufficiently agile to make a week-end excursion, you're probably sufficiently agile to get out a morning or night, depending on the cost.

Kayaking doesn't give you that chance.

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