The Cheapest Air Tickets

Cheapest airline tickets

Are you looking for cheap airline tickets? Here is what you should know about buying airline tickets. Low -cost air tickets, national and internation air bookings at the lowest fare.

Web site service provides on-line access via Airline Reservation Systems. Tariffs displayed are dynamical and represent the lowest available tariffs. Tariffs may vary during the ticketing period, subject to reservation category and unavailability, without prior notice. Travelling may not be allowed, with false name, &Ticket must be rebooked with fees.

Provision of the proper mobile number & e-mail for the receipt of e-tickets, text messages and changes to flights. The client must verify names, dates, departures and arrivals at the moment of finalisation/payment of the reservation. Air fare is always flexible and may vary at the moment of ticketing, subject to reservation category and price differential available.

Air fare is displayed in various currencies and payable in Indian rupees. Clients are liable for foreign currency conversions and bank bills. Your pass must be issued on the day of your travel and be for 06 month until your plane returns. Clients are in charge of having VISA's for transition and destinations. Passengers must familiarize themselves with VISA requirements for all transition and destinations prior to making international ticket reservations.

Bordkarte is a card issued by an air carrier at check-in that gives the traveller the right to access the protected area of an airfield and embark the aircraft for a specific journey. It shall at least identify the passengers, the number of the flights, the date and the planned timetable of departures.

The rules, tariffs, penalties and our airline service charges are applicable to any changes, diversions or reimbursements. Rebates, promotional rebates or Airline Rediscount will be deducted/retracted. Cancellations of national or internation flight within 24 hrs, after 18 hrs, must be made directly with the airlines and give us the cancelation number to process any refund.

Reservations cannot be modified or canceled in the case of "web or tele check-in", the client must directly communicate with the airline companies, only at the airports. Booking cancellations not made 24 h rs in anticipation will be considered "NO SHOW" by the airline and are non-refundable. Changes of name or revisions are governed by the rules of the airline and will be charged with our annual maintenance charge.

Once the period of the ticket's validity has expired, no refunds are possible. As soon as the tickets are made out, all airline cancelation charges are valid, refunds will be calculated with our services charges. All unused or "No Show" tickets, full cancellations and our charges for services shall be valid. Refunds for partially used tickets will only be made by the airlines with a handling period of up to 3 month.

The cancellation must be made 24 hrs before departure. Passengers who make a web or tele check-in must change or cancel their reservations with the airline at the destination airline. Non-canceled reservations will be considered "NO SHOW" & the airline reimbursement policy will be applied. Please directly address yourself to the airline companies. In the event of cancellation by the airline, please inform the airline personnel & Ref. No. about a reimbursement.

Reimbursements are dependent on cancellations, reimbursements, non-appearances, penalties and airline servicing costs. Reimbursements are charged for services and banking costs. Reimbursement can only be made to the initial credit/debit card owner or remitter. Partly Used Tickets Reimbursement, Cancellations, Reimbursements, Penalties, Banking Regulations & Our Services Charge applies.

In the case of reimbursements, the client is obliged to make available documentation for air carriers. Partial reimbursements are only permitted if approved and confirmed by the carriers. Reimbursement in the event of medical death or the death of a student or immediate member of the immediate dependant's immediate medical care is governed by the regulations of the carrier and is at the carrier's sole option. Once the period of the ticket's expiry no reimbursement is possible.

Once the tickets have been purchased, cancellations, refunds and all other fees shall become effective. All refunds or cancellations are subject to our Service & Airline cancelation fees. The promotional token is only valid for on-line reservations and not for e-mail or telephone reservations. Reductions on promotional codes will be revoked if cancellations or changes are made to flights. Neither shall the carrier be held responsible for any incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages, costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever arising for any cause whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with any delay, suspension, interruption or delay in any of the flights or any costs or expenses whatsoever suffered by the passengers during the journey.

We do not warrant the quality of the information or products or services provided on this website.

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