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Prague City Taxi

Things you should know are recommended taxi companies. From door to door, fixed price, private taxi service in Prague. Corporate services Taxi service to any destination in Europe.


If we drive you to the airports, we ensure that you reach the airports on schedule, taking into consideration the current transport conditions. If we drive you from the airports, we check the real ETA of your aircraft and collect you on schedule, even if the aircraft does not reach you as planned.

Even though the law in the Republic allows to carry a child in a taxi without a child carrier, we provide the possibility to use a taxi with a child carrier for a child over 15 kg. You will be offered a proper truck for transporting more baggage.

We do not limit our service to the area of the Prague City. You can be transported anywhere in Europe, we can organize excursions, sightseeing excursions, group outings. Payment can be made in full, in full or by credit cards or by transferring funds to our accounts. That'?s what you should know and consider:

hired car

Prague cabs are known for their poor reputations (see Security section); things are getting better and better these days as government agencies crack the system. We have a CZ documentation in English about taxi in Prague - Prague vs. Crooks. If you know the certified disposition (see below), you must be worried about making a booking in anticipation, even from the airport (don´t).

In Prague there are many reliable and well controlled taxi radios with English language operator (AAA is the largest and most used taxi radios, but in Prague there are many other competent, reliable and high level of services ) and polite taxi services. A number of businesses provide smartphone applications that you can use to locate with your local GPS and see the estimated cost, etc.

Gladly your local hotels will give you a number or organize a taxi for you. Transfers at a package price are an option to the traditional taxi fares. It' as convenient as a traditional taxi but in these cases clients only charge predetermined fares. As of May 1, 2013, there will be a new act regulating taxi fares and transfers for Flatrates. Drivers without a taximeter are not permitted to take a passenger off the road and should be booked in advanced.

There are many specialist airports for transfer services - they verify real arrivals so there are no delays or delays. Any contracted carriers don´t have fees for maintenance and there is no dropping fee. Taxi Prague and transfer by TAFI s. r. o. http://www.prague2go. cz/prague-airpor.....

You can call a taxi with the elevator application (iPhone, Android). It is not a very good option to rent a vehicle if you plan to remain only in Prague, considering that downtown areas are limited for people to park, navigate is hard and there is a lot of travel. If you are in Prague, you can go on foot or use the effective local transport in Prague, which is secure and cheap, and you can also get on the streetcar after 12 pm.

Riding a motor vehicle, however, is the ideal way to explore the Czech landscape at your own speed. Please bear in mind when you plan your journey that travel time varies greatly in the Czech provinces according to street types. An up-to-date, detailled street chart is a must if you drive a vehicle in the Czech Republic.

If you are not in the UK for more than 60 consecutive nights, you do not need any specific travel papers. Otherwise, an internship requires an internship (available from your AAA for $10) . In order to be able to drive in the Czech Republic, you must be over 18 years of age and must always have your drivers licence together with a motor document and a title deed or lease deed.

The maximum velocity in the city is 50km/h, while outside the city limits the maximum velocity is 90km/h and 130km/h on motorways. As the Czech Republic has a zero toleration drinking regime, even a drink that is drunk before the trip may cause you problems. If you have a current driver's licence and a major bank account, you can hire a vehicle from any major vehicle hire company.

A few locals in the country are quite dependable and can make you a better offer. On the following websites of the enterprises, please verify whether the enterprise has an aerodrome station in Prague. A number of landlords at the airports have a very poor reputations.

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