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From Monday you can hear the reclaim from City Drivers Taxi Gda?sk on Radio Eska Gda?sk and WAWA Gda?sk. NYC is the first city in the country to translate driver requirements into legislation!

New York City taxi drivers take their own life on account of debts.

It'?s the fifth time he' s committed suicide in five month?s time. After spending $700,000 on the much sought-after locket that would allow him to drive a taxi in the city, he found that he simply could not earn enough to drive his taxi to make it worth it. New York Times has followed the development of these taxi drivers' own killings.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for motorists to make a decent existence in a carpooling society like Uber, which does not need a taxi pedal and thus undermines the importance of taxi cabs. Lots of medals are supposed to reduce the number of taxi drivers and thus secure their subsistence. However, riding sharing applications like Uber had just made this pointless because almost anyone can get behind the steering wheels.

It' s a heart-rending one. Motorists have asked the Town Hall to make changes to safeguard their living conditions, but it simply wasn't enough. Since December 2017, five taxi drivers have ended their own life - one even went so far as to kill himself in front of the town hall. However, nothing has yet been done to make sure that these drivers are safe from the start of carpooling.

The NYT says drivers work 12- to 14-hour shift to make up for the revenue they lose trying to become taxi drivers. Helen and Nicanor Ochisor split the pair into 12-hour turns in a taxi, alternating between working days and nights.

Whilst we cannot ask those who commited suicide what the real determinants were that lead to their choice, the series of similar tales about these taxi drivers has resulted in some fairly powerful inferences. It is shocking that all these drivers suffer financially and have incredible working times that are ignored by the governments they are to support.

The New Yorkers don't want this shift. In 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio tried to beat Uber and he went through a savage setback. It is becoming increasingly clear that something needs to be done, but inevitably the pace of improvement is sluggish. However, several laws are being debated again that could alter the carpooling regulations.

It is the side of Uber likes Ug that no one ever wants to argue about, but it is timely that we begin these talks. Towns like New York are where real life is at risk.

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