Comfort Cab Advance Booking

Deluxe cabin advance booking

Being a taxi driver today means being in the centre of the information highway. Current and anticipated taxi bookings. This makes it easier to send me booking orders that are closest to me. Being a taxi driver today means being in the centre of the information highway. Current and anticipated taxi bookings.

SMRT reserves a taxi in the App Store

Just a few fingertips on your iPhone are enough to reserve a cab. Prevent jammed telephone wires and jump long cabs - all with this application. The system recognizes your position and allows you to validate your booking without having to speak to the call center agents. Choose your favourite type of cab and reserve up to three at the same one.

Store common contacts as "Favourites" or look for past transactions. Reservation information such as cab number and expected ETA will be sent by SMS. - Stores up to 4 favorite address. We recommend this application only for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPhone running OS4.0 and above.

Pathetic booking page. Can' find any address, crash all the time. I used your cab reservations a million times. You' ve been a good alternate to comfort and I favour the new Chevy over Hyundai comfort. But I have ceased to use your service almost entirely because it is so much simpler to increase comfort with the I-phone application.

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Everything you need to know about taxis in the town.

You can either go to a taxis booth in most crowded areas, or you can go to a major street and mark one of them - except in the big city centre where this is forbidden. At rush hour or in rainy weather it is best to call a cab on the telephone or via an application - the call-out charge is always rewarding.

Basic fares for a trip with a regular cab (e.g. Comfort or CityCab) range from $3 to $3.50. Travellers additionally charge 25 per cent of the ticket price during rush hour (Monday to Friday, 6 am to 9.30 am and Monday to Sunday, 6 pm to midnight) and 50 per cent between 12 pm and 6 am.

CBD supplement is $3, call-out fees are $2.30 in low season and $3.30 in high season. Even though cab riders are fluent in English, accent variations can sometimes lead to confusions. There is no fixed and quick rules when it comes to booking a cab with your dogs or pets. Approximately two out of three riders will agree (although they are not required to do so), while others will decline on the grounds of religion or personality.

When you mark one off the street, make sure it is satisfied with the dog before you board - or, if you use an application, make sure you have a pets at the time of booking so the rider can make a decision before he accepts your enquiry. You can also call the hotline and tell the firm that you have a pets - they will make a call and ship a chauffeur who is satisfied with the pets.

Eventually, there is a special pets taxicab firm named Pets Mobile that will always take fuzzy buddies:

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