Taxi Booking Service

Taxi booking

Simplify your booking and make it accessible! Include our online booking form on your website and have the bookings automatically sent to your scheduling console. One of the most advanced rate calculators for private rentals and airport transfers, our taxi booking software and taxi system online software.

Third Party Taxi Booking Services Act

A law regulating third parties' taxi booking service and implementing subsequent and related changes to certain other laws.... Providers of Third-Party Taxi Booking Service Act 2015 is a Singapore Parliament Act that requires third parties of taxi booking service that have more than 20 taxi participants to sign up with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to do business in Singapore.

Legislation obliges service companies to comply with policies such as setting advance rates and supplements for commuting, sending only chartered cabs and chauffeurs, and making available real-time booking information. Since 2016, taxi booking applications such as GrabTaxi and Hailo have had a certification that allows them to work in Singapore for three years from 1 December 2015.

Taxibooking Software - Taxisystem and Shipping

With our taxi booking system and our booking system we are able to provide the perfect solution for any taxi or personal transfers. You can book by telephone, using the on-line booking system or using our applications. We provide a quick and easy way to administer your vehicle fleets. What makes you decide to use our softwares? The provision of an on-line tariff calculation gives clients the freedom to make a booking with a taxi or airline without delays or difficulties when they are arriving on their flights.

Once they have been posted and payed on-line, their drivers wait and are prepared to take them to their destinations without delays. Clients are assured that they are working with a dependable, secure and professionally-run taxi or transfer agent, and it makes them much more effective when both the client and the business have arranged in advance to pay the fares for their trip.

Three different licences - Basic, Corporate & Corporate. There is a 7-day test version of Visual Basic for your use. The taxi booking system has a straightforward task: we offer tailor-made solutions for taxi and car rental companies that take their businesses to the next stage. The taxi tariff calculation tool is one of the most sophisticated price calculators for taxi and taxi transfers.

If clients are looking for a taxi, taxi or aerodrome shuttle on-line, our taxi booking system offers an instant, user-friendly tariff offer and booking system with on-line payments - their whole trip reserved and payed in a few moments if called. Taxi System taxi booking softwares offer a convenient step-by-step approach for clients and taxi rental operators in responding to the growing need in the tourism sector to offer instant taxi rental and personal taxi transfers on-line.

Simple to implement and administer, the system gives any taxi or personal transfers company full visibility over the most important aspects of ticket price calculation and client transfers booking management. Online taxi booking system is an appealing online taxi booking system that brings more traffic to your website and increases this important source of income.

This system provides your business with on-line bookings that are fully traceable on-line from booking to customer shipment to their point of use.

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