London Taxi test

Taxi London Test

Hardest taxi test in the world. Acquire the knowledge of London Taxi riders must have a thorough understanding of London because they can be called on the streets and asked to go anywhere. Therefore taxi driver have to teach and share the word wide secrets. The London taxi is the best in the whole wide range of services, also because our taxi operators know the fastest route through London's complex roads.

Everyone who wants to take a legendary London taxi must learn them all by heart: the knowledge of London. Knowledge was established in 1865 as a driver demand for taxi driving. Mastery of knowledge usually lasts three to four years; it is a challenging task, but there is much help and assistance if you are resolved.

Taxi riders can decide when and where they work and how much they make. Have you the glory and desire to become a London taxi cabbie? Here you can browse our Knowledge of London brochure to find out how you can become a London taxi operator. We have two different kinds of London taxi drivers:

Regardless of which license you decide to buy, you must acquire an encyclopaedic understanding of the roads and attractions in the area. In order to become a London taxi cabbie, you must submit an employment form. Inform yourself about how to obtain a taxi driver's license. After satisfying characters and medicinal examinations you will receive a Knowledge of London introduction package.

This Blue Book list 320 runways within six miles of the Charing Cross. Students must study these itineraries, as well as all streets and attractions within a 15 minute turn of the starting and ending points of each itinerary. Get tips from a Knowledge of London reviewer about the different phases of knowledge and the best way to get started in your study.

Knowing is done in seven steps, which are described here. In order to verify that you are on the right path, you can carry out the self-assessment within six month of the start, which is on the basis of the first 80 rounds in the Blue Book. They will be screened for their Blue Book run skills (five questions) and their key points of interest on the way (25 questions).

It is a multiple-choice test and the minimum score is 60%. The test must be completed within two years of receiving your introduction package. Subsequently, you will visit a number of verbal "appearances" with an assessor. Every performance usually involves four quizzes on the quickest way between any two points in London.

Students must prove a good understanding of the London outskirts by studying another 25 itineraries. Then you will join a group of other winning applicants to have a Knowledge of London tester advise you on your role as a taxi operator. Please feel free to browse and get a full explanation of the test.

The majority of those who are applying to become a taxi rider and take the Knowledge of London test use a roller to get to know the races. There are several knowledge colleges you can visit to help you get used to learning for the look. This is an autonomous school that is not supervised or governed by Transport for London.

Founded in 1985, Knowledge Point is London's main and well-established knowledge center. Situated between Kings Cross and Caledonian Road Station, we have a second site in West London. Our classrooms and institutions are designed to host all types of knowledge learners and our instructors are not only certified taxi operators but also certified instructors.

Knowing is not just about running or points, we realize. The WizAnn Knowledge Schools offer classrooms, applications and learning resources at all tiers, as well as Yellow Badge and Green Badge suburban amenities. Managed by a team. London Knowledge Schools is an inviting, supportive, inclusive way to acquire the knowledge of London.

At the Beginners Language School, we strive to put the wisdom and self-assurance in place to get you where you need to be. Call over sessions for all stages 14:00 to 17:00, along with 1-2-1 lessons. Complimentary bicycle storage, guided walkthrough guides, 30-minute taxi tour, welcoming work atmosphere with pupils of all ages from Blue Book to 21s and up.

Should you have specific needs or study problems such as lethargy, please consult the Knowledge Division to make sure you get appropriate adaptations to your performances. During your studies of knowledge you are required to inform us about changes in your state, such as the following:

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