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Our planes sometimes fly empty or from their next flight. Such one-way flights are referred to as empty routes and offer an exceptional opportunity to save money. When you have some flexibility in finding private air travel, Idle Charter can be an efficient and very cost effective way to enjoy a private aircraft. An empty route charter space becomes available when an existing customer charters a flight in one direction.


Leaning empty allows you to enjoy the same luxury in-flight services and smooth reservation processes you have come to rely on when renting your own plane, but at significantly discounted prices. Check out our empty foot choices below and sign up for our listing to get upcoming offers as they become available. Fill out the following contact information and you will get a free PDF file with a short description of our pilot.

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Combining the best performers in sport, commerce and entertainment with over 5,500 places airliners have no wireless connectivity to, our Fast Track to Book application combines the best of Tausende of the most safety-conscious personal jets in the United States and around the world... Free to life, breathe, fly and repeat. UberJets members have full account management support around the clock.

OverJets members have free entry to these services at low, lower rebates, which are up to 70% lower than those offered by frictional and charters companies around the world. If you are a member of ÜberJets and choose your route, we will help you if other members follow the same route and thus help you safe time. Sharing your jet, making savings and meeting other members of OverJets.

OverJets members get unrestricted free entry to free seats on all our empty legs position planes. There is nothing better than a surprising excursion than an extra seating place in a privat airplane. And that doesn't stop here! ÜberJets can do that for you! Upon your demand we can provide you with a vehicle in any town.

ÜberJets can arrange for you to receive your jet food so that you can have something to eat during your trip.

Personal Jet Flight Adventure

Several thousand "empty legs" are available on the charters front at all moments. After doing it a thousand and a thousand different ways, we are champions at really being able to understand how to maximise the value of empty feet. Every legitimate travel enquiry is processed by us against the empty route plaza, so our reference offers are very often partly subsidised by partial-match pending planes.

The cheapest one-way charter, however, comes from a travel request[from you] that fits neatly into an established deadline sailing group. In order to help you find this "perfect match", you can automaticly look for currently available empty feet below. Make sure that you also sign up below for our empty feet page, we will send you our best offers by email.

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