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Online Booking by Jet Airways Airlines

Airways terminates free meals services at New York Times rates Jet Airways will no longer offer free meal services to clients booking air travel under the economics lightweight and economics deals option as of September 28. The free drinks set up with teas and coffees will be continued for all travellers. Naresh Goyal's full-service airline is faced with increasing costs due to rising petrol costs and cut-throat competitors from low-cost airlines.

Jet Airways currently provides free food to passengers on aircraft, regardless of travel level or ticket price. Having made the on-board menus available as an option, however, the carrier said that leaflets could not only offer cheap rates but also have the option of buying food from a special courted on-board cuisine. "There is a choice of vegetable and non-vegetarian dishes, which include warm food on selected routes and payment by direct debit card or bank card," it says.

According to the carrier, its new tariff options will add more value for cash by allowing travelers to select a itinerary tailored to their preferences, journey needs and budgets. "Now we have decoupled tariffs in the "Light" and "Deal" tariff options in the Economy for domestic destinations within India. This expansion gives you the freedom to select tariffs that offer either food and air services or a single air option," said Jet Airways.

All functions and advantages of First Class, Premiere and Economy stay the same on intercontinental services. For the three month period ended June, the carrier had recorded a net expense of Rupees 1,323 due to higher costs for fuels and other costs due to the decline in Rupees. Continued strong demand for liquidity has compelled the carrier to launch Rand 2,000 crisis reduction initiative and sell its Jet Privilegeoyalty Program as part of the equity injection.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that Jet Airways' operating costs for fuels have risen from almost 40 percent two years ago to almost 65 percent today. Net value of the company is above 7,000krore.

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