With the Rutaxi app you can easily order a taxi in all major cities of Russia at a reduced price. Rentaxi & ; Fasten recherche d'entreprise & ; informations sur l'investissement. Locate executives and the latest company news.

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With the Rutaxi application you can order a cheap and easy way to get a taxicab in all big Russian towns. Apart from being less expensive than a road taxicab, you don't have to talk Russian and you may know the cost before you go, so you don't have to care about a chauffeur taking the picturesque itinerary for more cash.

The only thing you need is a telephone with a russischenium SIM-Karte. You can order a Rutaxi, receive an order acknowledgement, receive progress reports and information about the arrival of your vehicle, its type and numbering. The Rutaxi application can even store your favourite address if you are spending a lot of your free travel in Russia, so ordering a cab is as simple as 1, 2, 3.....

First, you should know the Russians adresses, they are different from abroad. In addition to a numeric adress, some properties may have several properties for one adress, so you must type the property number in the right area. In addition, each edifice can have several entries, so you must also fill in this box.

Example: Lenin 75 Buildings 2 Input 3. You will also need a keypad in Russia, located in the section of your handset Preferences. As soon as you have downloaded the application, you will be prompted to type a town on the first display that will appear. You must now sign up by typing in your ten-digit Russia-Simcard number.

Rutaxi will answer the text message. ru: and a 5 or 6 character key. Please type in your username and your email address and click on the button Store. Now you will be forwarded to order a taxisite. As soon as you touch the pickup point, type the first 3 or more digits with your keypad and touch the seek icon.

Perform these operations if it is a road destination. Touch the road and you will be asked for a numeric adress. However, as mentioned above, it may also need a part number. When there is a build number, type the front forward oblique / and then the build number in the Houses box number.

Touch ENTER, then type in the access number and press OK. In the case of a stop or a favourite place, check the box and press Cancel. In the " Target address: " box, type where you want to go. Press Memory button. Press Memory button. repeats 3 and press Memory button. You will be informed when your cab arrives in the state area, you can sometimes track your cab on the chart to see how far away it is from you, and you will get an automatic call indicating your vehicle type, colour and registration number.

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