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Ticket prices for the circumnavigation of the world are usually based on kilometres travelled, so the more cities you visit, the more expensive your ticket will be, especially if you cross the oceans. What airlines provide ticketing around the world? Round the World (RTW) accolades are one of the most rewarding and demanding applications of points and mileage. Unfortunately, in recent years, many reward programmes, among them all the big US carriers, have discontinued their official payment methods around the world. Yet many of the world's leading carriers still provide accolades that are deserving of consideration when it comes to circumnavigating the world.

Today, as part of my 4-step guidebook on how to make a circumnavigation of the world, I will be discussing the programmes that will enable you to make a circumnavigation of the world. When you circumnavigate the world, where will you go? In general, RTW passes have a number of limitations that make them more difficult to cash than a normal one-way or round-trip ticket.

In spite of these limitations, RTW accolades can still provide exceptional value with meticulous design. This is an outline of the programmes that provide these redemptions: Qantas is the only airline that offers a real reward ticket around the world for redeeming with Oneworld carriers (American Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, LATAM, Qatar, etc.). Use the OneWorld Round-the-World Explorer to find route choices before looking for premium availabilities.

Oneworld' rail system is unique in Asia, Oceania and South America. Frequent FlyerQantas is the only large Oneworld carrier that will continue to provide the opportunity to earn a real round-the-world mileage bonus. Many of the demands of other Round-the-World ticket providers do not hold for Qantas, as you will see.

These are the kilometre requirements: Honestly, the Sweetspot in this Awards Charter is definitely our top one. Against the First Classic distinction, I am recommending that only a few Oneworld carriers even provide a consistently First Classic experience (e.g. British Airways). You pay the first fare even if only one or two of your tickets are actually First Class.

The Qantas is the only round-the-world reward that is completely distance-based, which means you can go in any desired route as long as the overall mileage does not cross 35,000 mile. You don't have to go around the world at all, in other words. They must have at least two Oneworld carriers that are not Qantas, and there is no obligation to do so.

In addition, with Qantas, you can begin making a booking up to 12 month prior to your trip and then still adding sections and making changes as your premium levels changes. Changing a booking will cost you 5,000 Qantas points, but this extra versatility is scarce in the world of world wide ticketing.

Unfortunately, Qantas passes on premium rates (sometimes referred to as fuelling surcharges) on its own routes and affiliates, which means you should stay away from high-fare affiliates such as British Airways. Since Delta Air Lines lost its round-the-world prize in January 2015, Korean Air and AeroMexico have been the only surviving SkyTeam members to offer RTWs.

SkyTeam's other major carriers include Aeroflot, Air France, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern and KLM. SkyTeam is the smallest of the three worldwide carrier networks, so your route capabilities may be restricted, especially in Latin America, Africa and Oceania. SkyPass provides SkyTeam partners in economic and commercial Ound-the-World awarding, but not First class.

Korea Air charges premium rates (fuel surcharges) for its own services and certain affiliates, but they should be relatively cheap. Rewards are 140,000 points in Executive and 220,000 points in Executive. SkyPass gives the world three different zones: The RTW routes may contain three connection routes and two extra connection routes within each area.

In addition, Korea Air does not allow you to earn rewards on SkyTeam member airlines' own bladout schedules. SkyPass works with Chase Ultimate Rewards so you can earn points 1:1. AeroMexico' s Club Premiere is a little-known but potentially profitable Option for Skyteam's all-around world Deals. These are the running performance specifications for the Go-Round-The-World take-back:

Although these kilometre thresholds are higher than those for Korea Air, up to 15 stops can be made with AirMexico (a total of five per continent). AneroMexico charges additional fuels on its own services and partner airlines. American Express has partnered with AmericanMexico to offer you the ability to redeem 1:1 Club Premiere kilometre membership rewards.

The Star Alliance is the biggest of the three major airlines and is therefore often the simplest to use when making round-the-world reservations. Star Alliance Round the World can help with your scheduling (or daydreaming!). The Lufthansa Miles & More programme allows you to earn the following miles with Star Alliance airlines:

The Lufthansa RTW reward allows a total of seven intermediate stops and up to 10 air segments. 25,000 passengers are eligible for the prize. Premiums must be at least 10 calendar days between the date of take-off of the first international air service and the date of take-off of the last international air service. On its own routes and many of its business associates, Lufthansa charges additional fuels, which can quickly accumulate.

In view of these bonuses and the extra vagant kilometre demands, I generally do not advise Lufthansa for reward ticket prices unless you already have a large account with the programme. Collect your frequent flyer mileage & more: It can be difficult to collect Lufthansa shares for Lufthansa and More. Collect 5,000 loyalty points for every 20,000 points you transfer.

Aero Plan is slightly cheaper than Lufthansa and offers around the world ticket at the following prices: However, if carefully planned, these can be minimised. Earn airline miles: American Express has partnered with American Express so you can immediately redeem 1:1 airline mileage awards for memberships.

Singapor Airlines KrisFlyer: Singapore offers one of the best Star Alliance choices around the world. In addition, the Singapore reservation may provide Singapore passengers with free entry to select Singapore Premier awards. A Singapore RTW Awards may have up to seven stops. Singapore does not levy additional charges for its own flight services, but charges for certain partner airlines.

These additional charges can also be minimised by the avoidance of certain parties. The KrisFlyer in Singapore is one of the few programmes that works with all four large portable points programmes. This means you can earn points from more than one program to earn the required miles to fly around the world. KrisFlyer miles: One of the world's most affordable reward choices is the ANA Club for Milesage.

Demands on air miles differ according to route and duty category. This table shows the requirement (ANA observers will recognise this table as the initial pre-2015 depreciation price table). With its 12-segment rewards, as many as eight intermediate stops are possible with just a few clicks on your ticket from within your airline. AnNA passes the propellant charge on to some of its affiliates.

Collect ANA Mileage Club Miles:

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