How to Fly Private for Cheap

Flying privately for cheap

Being an Argus Certified Broker, we are committed to the highest level of security for private jets. I' d recommend them to anyone who wants to charter a private jet, especially those with little experience. Holidays remind many travellers how painful it can be to travel commercially.

Flying privately for a good price!

The main services offered by Schwarzbird are turbo prop and floatplane services on 30 minutes to 2 hours flying time. Departures are possible from California, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, New York and Washington. They can only make bookings via their own portable applications and provide regular, swimming pools and charters. Departures begin at $99 per leg.

Carlsbad, CA, and Las Vegas, NV, are the two major destinations for non-stop jets. Launched on September 28, 2017, flight prices begin at $69 per leg. The JetSmarter services include JetShuttle's (scheduled flights) and JetDeal's (empty routes) with a $15,000 per year introductory charge of $2,500 per year member-charge.

Mainly they provide jetservice and some turbo-props on short distances. The JetShuttle is similar to UberPool where you share a private plane with other members. When you fly more than twice a year, this could be an ideal choice if you fly between the towns provided by your JetShuttle services.

I flew the Bombardier Challenger 300, Cessna Citation-X and Gulfstream IV with JetSmarter, all of which provide outstanding customer support. The JetSuiteX company is marketing itself as "semi-private" by providing a regular route on certain lines with its 30 Embraer 135 jet passengers. Tariffs begin at $79 and include services to the Bay Area, Burbank, Las Vegas and Mammoth Mountain as well as specialized events such as Coachella, Sundance and CES.

JetSuiteX hasn't yet been flying with me, but my buddies who went flying a few week ago have had enthusiastic critics and will fly them on all their itineraries as they are located in Burbank, CA. The JetSuite range includes pre-paid Jetcard membership from US$50,000 per year, charters and empty leg suites. Suite deals run ~$536/hr and are booked daily at 19h PST for next days departures.

SuiteDeal is offered on their 4 and 6 jetliners. It would be strongly recommended to sign up for the everyday e-mail of Suite Deals. Did you ever fly with one of these or another private airlines?

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