Round Trip Ticket around the World

Return ticket around the world

Wherever you want to go or whatever you want to do, the Star Alliance Round the World Fare is your ticket to the world. Turn your Victoria map miles into a trip around the world. Traveling the world will be easier and more convenient than ever! Life's journey is easier than ever. Being one of the leading travel websites in Canada you will find amazing sightseeing flight deals to thousands of destinations all over the world.

More than 2,100 SkyTeam ticket counters

More than 2,100 SkyTeam ticket counters around the world can help you prepare your trip and give you more information about SkyTeam fare products: Select from one of our 1,057 locations in 179 different nations and explore the world with our Go Round the World range of products specifically designed to help you get around the world simply and at the best possible cost.

Select from 3 to 15 stops with stops between 10 and 1 year. Explore the extraordinary variety of Russia with agility and friendliness. No matter if you are on holiday or on work, your trip through Russia will be a pleasant one. In order to be eligible for a SkyTeam Go Russia Pass, just buy an intercontinental ticket to a Russian location from any SkyTeam member carrier.

As an alternative, you can also recommend a Go Round the World Pass optional. There are 3 to 16 flight options with the SKY TEAM Go Russia Pass, with no mandatory length of staying and your max flight only depending on the validation of your ITC. You can combine your SKY TEAM Go Russia Pass with either a return ticket on any Sky TEAM member carrier or with the Go Round the World Pass.

Explore the unbelievable variety of Africa and fully experience your journey. Buy your ticket to Africa internationally with one of SkyTeam's airline partners and select from 3 to 16 scheduled services with flexibility of date and itinerary that can change without a minimal length of time. You can only limit your total length of visit by the number of days your ticket is valid for.

Just think of traveling through Asia and the Southwest Pacific with just one ticket. It' s up to you whether you use the passport for your own personal or commercial purposes. The Asia and Southwest Pacific Pass allows you to store and view a variety of locations as you journey through Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The SkyTeam Go Asia and South West Pacific Pass lets you select between 3 and 16 flight options and enjoy stress-free and worry-free travel, beginning and ending your journey in the same destination without a minimal sojourn.

Please note that your travel time is limited by your international date of travel. A single Go Europe ticket will take you almost anywhere in Europe. It' s up to you whether you use your passport for your own personal or commercial purposes. If you travel with the Go Europe Pass, you can store and view more than one destination as you travel across Europe.

Select between 3 and 16 flight options or travel to one of your destination twice without limiting your total time. Your travel time limit only varies depending on your international date of travel. SkyTeam Go Europe Pas can also be used in conjunction with the SkyTeam member airlines' Round the World Pass or the SkyTeam Go Europe Pas.

The SkyTeam Go Greater China offers a selection of nearly 150 locations, among them Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Buy your Continental China or Taiwan tickets with one of SkyTeam's airline companies and select from 3 to 16 non-stop departures. Max. length of your visit will depend on your intracontinental outing.

Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, the SkyTeam Go USA and Canada Pass allows you to enjoy worry-free access to many U.S. and Canadian cities with great value for money. SkyTeam Go USA and Canada Pass benefits are available by purchasing your return international ticket to the U.S. or Canada from one of SkyTeam's member carriers and choosing between 3 and 10 frequencies.

When you have an Economy Class ticket, you can travel to any town on your route twice without a minimal stop. Depending on your date of travel of the ticket, your max. length of stay may vary.

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