Single Engine Airplane for Sale

One-engine aircraft for sale

When first for sale, this Beautiful Thunder Mustang can be purchased for a fraction of the original cost of building the aircraft. To see how these single-engine turboprops can change your business, request more information here. Check out our inventory of single engine aircraft sold through Indepenence Aircraft Sales. A large stock of first class used aircraft for sale. Second-hand aircraft sold in Canada are Cirrus, Mooney, Piper, Diamond, Cessna, Mahindra, Quest, Beechcraft.

Archive of single-engine aircraft

When first sold, this Beautiful Thunder Mustang can be bought for a fraction of the initial construction costs of the airplane. The airplane just got a new invasion-style overhaul. Valuation: 2005 Cessna G-1000 T206H, Two owners, no damage. Airplanes have the HP equipment and flint tip tank for added outreach.

Sale of aeroplanes on the Channel Islands Aviation

Canal Islands Aviation has been active in airplane selling since 1976 when we became a Single Engine Dealer for Cessna Aviation Company. At the end of the 1970' and early 1980' we were selling innumerable new single-engine Cessna planes, from the Cessna 172 to the Cessna 210, until the temporary discontinuation of Cessna in 1986.

In 1997, when Cessna started to build new reciprocating aircrafts again, CIA was chosen as the authorized representative of the Cessna sales team. Fifteen years we have been selling new Cessna Skyhawks, Skylanes, Stationairs and 2008 Corvaliss. The CIA has always offered all makes and types of used planes in complement to the new planes.

Channel Islands Aviation currently specialises in the delivery of aircrafts and expert reports. Aeroplane Sales Manager Janie Oberman is a National Aeroplane Appraisers Association certified expert. Shipments of all kinds are accepted, from single cylinder pistons and multi-engine twin engines to turboprop airplanes.

Aircraft with engines for sale

Whether you are looking for a trip locally or just construction work, this Piper Cherokee would be a great custom airplane! Latest paintwork, interiors and engine! Fast statistics: Neat, recently reconstructed classical airplanes! That airplane is a great example of the classical Stinson 108. Spend your free hours constructing or driving around and enjoying the breakfast with your hostess!

The Cessna 140 is a neat, tidy and classical starwheel, and a great timepiece! Fast statistics: That'?s an airplane workhorse! With its large 300 hp engine you can drive 155 lb with a payload of over 1,400 pounds! Fast statistics: The early Cirrus is a short period treasury and a great long-range airplane for the Midwest!

Fast statistics: It is a one-of-a-kind and extraordinarily constructed airplane, a beautiful plane on the floor and in the sky! Constructed by airplane conservator Matt Burrows, this is the only one of its kind in the Reno Luftwaffe racing world! Fast statistics: The glider is a neat and classical airplane.

Extraordinarily serviced, this plane is a pleasure to ride and is a great off-roader! Fast statistics:

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