One way Airfare

one-way fare

Tour vs. one-way flights: What's less expensive? Return journey vs. one-way road - what is the better offer? Have a look at this guidebook and note some important pricing advice for comparison between one-way and return trips.

This is a national or cosmopolitan itinerary? Traditional itineraries suggest that one-way ticketing can be better value at home, while buying a return ticket for your return flight to an airport on the basis of your own flight plan is better for staying internationally.

Whilst you can rely on a dealer, you can't always be sure that you need a round tour for your qualtity. And if the carrier offers outward and return rebates, there' s a good chance that a one-way ticket will not just be half the price. However, in the case of carriers like Southwest, which only make one-way tariffs, one way is often... well, the one way to go.

Although it is not the case that all national airlines are selling one-way fares (and all IF airlines are selling round-trip tickets), it is possible to more or less deduce that low-cost airlines are tending to selling one-way fares, while old airlines are selling round-trip fares and setting the fare accordingly. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll be saving - of course, the incoming route of a plane is sometimes much more costly than the outgoing one.

Sometimes arriving at the destination and departing from another location can help saving both domestic and international moneys. If, for example, you want to travel on part of the Pacific Northwest Coast, you can make a reservation for a Seattle airfare and return from Portland or San Francisco on the same route. NB: Although many carriers charge a "stopover fee" of approximately $100 per way as opposed to the round trip price for a stop, this does not usually hold true for other multi-city travel routes.

Flash-selling: One-way JetBlue flights starting at $34, round trips $72

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