What Company Owns Johnson and Johnson

Which company owns Johnson and Johnson?

The SC Johnson was founded by Samuel C. Johnson in Racine, WI. We can now see how many products are owned by Kraft, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kellogg's, Mars, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, P&G and Nestlé.

There'?s so much more to Johnson & Johnson than you think. There are eight facts here about the health group that you may not yet know.

There' s so much more to Johnson & Johnson than you think. There are eight facts here about the health group that you may not yet know. This is Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) is probably the leading health care company all stakeholders look up to. Except for Novartis, which is currently competing with J&J for the highest fair value among health care equities, Johnson & Johnson is the unrivalled company setting the pace for the coming revenue year.

One of the biggest providers of innovative products and services to the global pharmaceutical industry, J&J is also a highly regarded investment firm for its above-average dividends, the consistent earnings generated by its three businesses (Consumer Health, Medicines and Pharmaceuticals) and its low level of market turbulence. The Johnson & Johnson stockholders receive the luxuries of a good night's rest every single day, which is not exactly something selected biotechnology inventors can confirm.

There' so much more about Johnson & Johnson you might not notice. There are eight things you may not yet know about J&J that could give you an even greater understanding of the company and its services to you. Johnson & Johnson is structured around three distinct businesses - a slowly expanding healthcare franchise, a currently slow expanding healthcare franchise with sound long-term prospects, and a rapidly expanding pharmaceuticals franchise.

Whilst these divisions deliver operating revenue generation gains, J&J has historically not shied away from buying other organisations to improve its products range and improve profit. Indeed, Johnson & Johnson has more than 250 affiliates in its three operating divisions and is active in more than 60 jurisdictions. Johnson & Johnson has also provided its shareholders with an unbelievable track record of increasing core EPS per stock or EPS for 31 years in a row.

When I say restated, I mean that J&J takes out the unique elements that can cause profit volatility from year to year, such as exchange rate volatility, divestitures, mergers and one-off fiscal advantages, so investor can have a real apple to apple compare. This should mean for J&J managers that they are not only committed to the growth of the company, but that they are also unbelievably effective and knowledgeable.

There are only six firms that have a longer period of increasing dividends than J&JMany shareholders who are acquainted with an élite category of just over four tens of dividend-bearing shares, the so-called dividing aristocrats, who have raised their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years. Of more than four tens of businesses that have raised their dividends on a regular basis over the past 25 years, only six have a longer consecutive strip than Johnson & Johnson's 53-year strip.

This is Johnson & Johnson. As one of the world's biggest corporations, J&J is also one of the world's biggest business contributors on a regular basis. Philhanthropy.com finds that Johnson & Johnson donated just over $157 million to charities in 2013, an up 20% over the year before.

In particular, Johnson & Johnson became known for donating dozens of million US dollar to partner organizations around the word to support the research and elimination of HIV infection from maternal to child, as well as funding the advancement of health professionals such as nursing and midwifery professionals around the word.

Since it was established in 1886, J&J has had only nine corporate directors. A hallmark of a large company is a closed and trustworthy executive staff - and that's exactly what J&J gives you. Often the largest corporations have usually a CEO who takes the lead and hangs around for a longer period of time.

J&J has had only seven chief executives since it joined the NYSE more than seventy years ago. This is Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson has had the eight biggest R&D budgets in 2011 Researching tens on tens of new medicines is not inexpensive, but Johnson & Johnson is up to the challenge of making massive sums of cash to keep its fast-growing pharmaceuticals business going and making massive returns for investment.

Johnson & Johnson invested $8.2 billion in research and innovation in 2013, good enough for the world's eight billion R&D grant, according to Forgunune. Johnson & Johnson also has one of the highest marketing spend on the planet. In fact, in additional to a small sum of money for research and discovery, Johnson & Johnson is not afraid to promote its consumers' healthcare or pharmaceuticals related product.

Johnson & Johnson's Johnson submission last year recorded its full $2.6 billion in total spend, which is good enough to make it one of the biggest marketers in the globe. It is J&J that has the luxuries of being so aggressive at brand promotion because it has earned between $11.4 billion and $14.8 billion in free cash flows over the past nine years.

Of the more than 7,100 quoted enterprises, only three have the highest "AAA" ratings in Standard & Poor's emissions. The Johnson & Johnson is one of these businesses. How does J&J's AAA ratings mean? A long history briefly, if you have wondered why everyone always announces Johnson & Johnson as such a great company you can own in the long run, perhaps these eight points will help explaining it now.

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