Macbook Air Book for Dummies

Air Book Macbook for Dummies

Harness the power of your MacBook faster with this smart and simple dummy Guide Lighter. Here's my book for help with my new MacBook Air. Xosemite Edition (for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air) Learn everything you need to know about your new Mac. Work with calendars, email, address books and more - all integrated from the start.

Introducing the Mac

Find out how to turn on your Mac, use the Deployment Wizard, and search for the latest product releases. When you' re from Windows, you can quickly and easily master how to click, copy, quit, and more. You can use the Migration Wizard to copy all your files, applications, and preferences from another Mac or Windows PC to your new Mac.

Launch a screensaver quickly or put your phone to hibernation with a hot-corn shortcut. And you can protect your Mac by requesting a passphrase after the screensaver launches. It' s great to be productive, simple and collaborational with these high-performance applications integrated into your Mac. Sending and receiving eMessages and text messaging on your Mac is just like on your iPhone.

Find out how to create messages and keep Chat. And you can even easily split and manipulate your pictures with power-packed, easy-to-use editing features. Grab Mac support, find out more about the OS your Mac runs on, and get the fundamentals.

Apple MacBook Air Characteristics

Two MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air cases are ultra-portable laptop computers, perfect for college and street fighters, and a lightweight alternate to Windows. To keep height and mass to a bare minimum, Apple has removed parts that are generally not needed on the street. Note: Photograph with kind permission of Apple, Inc.

Note: Photograph with kind permission of Apple, Inc. Intel Dual-Core Intel processor Intel 5 Series. CPU is running at a lower rate to maximise uptime. A smaller Air display has a 1366 x 768 pixel size and is 11.6 inch diagonal (294 mm); a bigger 13.3 inch (338 mm) display has a 1440 x 900 pixel size.

Intel HD 3000 built-in GPU with full 3-D capability. One SD memory stick on the 13-inch camera, useful for download pictures from many types of DSLR. Rechargeable Li-ion polymere rechargeable batteries provide up to 5 hour cordless web browsing on the 11-inch and 7 hour cordless browsing on the 13-inch models.

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