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There are no comfort or hidden fees and it offers the lowest prices when booking a flight. Get all the fair details on Nepal's domestic flight and check out the weight limit. Get all the fair details on Nepal's domestic flight and check out the weight limit. In just a few steps, passengers can compare fares and book domestic tickets. Take advantage of our help to find cheap flights to the Philippines, both international and national.

Finding the best domestic routes

But the most comfortable way to explore the Philippines is by plane. Since the Philippines is an island, it is not possible to travel by road and the ferry journey is really timeconsuming. Inland trips are relatively inexpensive and sometimes even less expensive than sailing by canoe. The information you will find here will enable you to make your own flight reservations, but if you buy one of our package deals or make a hotel reservation through us, we will also help you make your flight reservations.

Not only do we save you the hassle, we also help you select the best flight and tailor it to your travel route, hotels pick-ups and more. The Philippines has several ways to get cheap fares on your flight. Either you have to be agile and spur-of-the-moment, or you have a very good idea of where you want to go and make an early booking.

When you are agile with your timetable, most domestic businesses provide last-minute quotes. This means that making a reservation one night before your flight can be much less expensive than a fortnight before. If you book long before the flight, and we think the longer the better, you usually get discounts.

As soon as you are ready to travel to a specific location, make sure you are comparing the carriers. Although some tends to be less expensive than others, this should always be checked, as rebates and promotions are also dependent on the available seat and flight time of each flight. Since this is the case for many Philippine travelers, it is very useful to be imaginative to conserve your budget which carrier should you choose?

Some of the best known national carriers in the Philippines are PAL Express (Philippine Airlines), Cebu International and Air Asia Philippines. The PAL Express usually offers a better service than the other two low cost carriers, but at a higher one. It flies to more places than any other and even goes beyond the country's borders.

Some smaller carriers also exist, such as Skyjet carriers, a 5 destination airline with boutiques, or SkySWIFT, which fly to only 3 destination and actually have their own personal and only El-Nido Palawan international airports. If you fly from Manila to Boracay, for example, there are about 12 everyday services provided by several carriers.

That is the case for many favourite places with a high passenger throughput. Certain routes, however, can only be reached by one carrier. If you fly directly to Siargao, you must take a Cebgo flight (a Cebu Pacific affiliate) from Cebu or a Skyjet flight from Manila.

It is our proposal to select the best flight, comparing all carriers and choosing the one that has the best fares and the best times for you. If you fly to more exclusive places, you don't have the luxuries of choosing between many carriers or even between them. In some cases there is only one single flight per day operated by a single carrier.

The last proposal is to always try to get a flight that arrives in a timely manner, because if you fly to towns other than Manila or Cebu, the transport from the airports will be hard to find. You now have the necessary tool to schedule and make reservations for domestic travel to the Philippines.

Even if you can go alone, isn't it better for you to avoid all these headaches and make a booking through us? Knowing the Philippines and its airline companies can help you when you buy one of our offers or make your hotel reservation through us.

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